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Bamboo Yoga Pants are the Best Organic Yoga Clothes

Updated on July 4, 2013

The Newest Eco Fabric Source

The 'moso' variety of bamboo provides the raw material for the most highly sustainable organic clothing available.
The 'moso' variety of bamboo provides the raw material for the most highly sustainable organic clothing available.

10 Reasons for Buying Yoga Clothing from Bamboo

Have you ever had the pleasure to visit the ancient Buddhist temples of Kyoto, Japan? If not, then put it on your list of "places to visit before you die". If you have, like me, then you may have already fallen in love with bamboo. There is so much to love about this amazing plant—its natural beauty, remarkable growth, and usefulness. When I first found out that bamboo could be turned into a fabric for clothing I thought it was the best idea in the world. And since learning of all its benefits, I've come to think that bamboo is the best material for organic yoga clothing. Here are the top 10 reasons why:

  1. Organic. Bamboo doesn't need any chemical fertilizers or pesticides to thrive. After millions of years of evolution, it simply knows how to grow well on its own.
  2. Sustainable. Bamboo is actually a type of giant grass, which means all the canes you see are connected underground by a single root system. The mature canes are cut down for harvest, and the young ones are left to provide energy for the whole bunch. This way it just keeps on growing in the same area each year.
  3. Saves water. Unlike cotton and other textile crops, bamboo does not need irrigation. The rain falling from the sky is plenty. And the root system actually helps keep more moisture in the soil.
  4. Prevents erosion. Other crops lead to the loss of a lot of topsoil—but not with bamboo. Once it is established in an area, it will keep growing each year without needing to be replanted. So there's no exposed dirt getting washed away or blown away by the wind.
  5. Less CO2. If you take one acre of bamboo and one acre of trees, the acre of bamboo actually converts carbon-dioxide into oxygen faster than the trees do.
  6. Anti-bacterial fabric. The natural defense against micro organisms of the bamboo plant carries over into products made from it. This means your bamboo yoga clothing won't smell bad after you get real sweaty wearing it.
  7. Wicks away sweat. If you are one of the dedicated yogis who actually wears your yoga pants to go to yoga class then you're gonna get sweaty in them. Bamboo fabric will absorb a lot of that sweat, so you don't feel so sticky.
  8. Regulates temperature. Because it breathes so well, bamboo keeps you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Isn't it amazing that your clothes know what season it is?
  9. Blocks UV rays. A nice added bonus of bamboo fabric is that it blocks out ultraviolet rays, lowering your chances for skin cancer.
  10. Super comfortable. Who would care about all the other benefits if bamboo wasn't nice to wear? But as a matter of fact, it's one of the softest and smoothest materials out there. Even folks with skin allergies can wear it.

Ari Bamboo Yoga Pants
Ari Bamboo Yoga Pants
Angel Palazzo Pants
Angel Palazzo Pants

Check Out These Awesome Bamboo Yoga Pants

These are two of my favorite women's bamboo pants for yoga. The Ari Bamboo Yoga Pants have a nice relaxed fit—they're super comfortable. Perfect for yoga class. The length is only 30 inches, so they don't get in the way when you're barefoot and trying to balance on one leg without slipping. And they never seem to get wrinkled. The fabric is wonderful, if you get lazy and don't wash them between each wearing they still smell pretty fresh.

I absolutely love these Angel Palazzo Pants! They are not your typical skin tight yoga pants, but if you like something light and flowing, these are the best. They're awesome for just relaxing at home in. And if you like to just sit and meditate sometimes, these are perfect for that. The ultra loose fit is nice for staying comfortable sitting in a lotus pose. The are really good to travel with too. You can roll them up real small and stuff them in a backpack or carry on bag. Then you've got a perfect cover-up layer for the beach.

Essential Balance Fitted Flare Yoga Pants
Essential Balance Fitted Flare Yoga Pants
Jeans style lounge fit bamboo yoga pants
Jeans style lounge fit bamboo yoga pants

Into the classic black flared yoga pants look? You can't go wrong with these Essential Balance Fitted Flare Yoga Pants. As you know, black matches everything. So you can get away with wearing these with nearly every shirt in your closet. If you can manage to wear yoga pants to work, you might just want to wear the black fitted flares all the time. The bamboo/cotton blend gives lasting comfort with softness that can't be beat. You'll have to check them out for yourself.

Once you feel the softness of bamboo fabric you're going to wonder why yoga pants from synthetic materials are so popular. You could pay over a hundred dollars for yoga pants made from petroleum-derived synthetic fibers, or you can pay less than half that much and still get excellent quality athletic clothing made from organic materials. If moisture wicking is important to you, then you should know that bamboo will naturally absorb moisture from your skin to keep you feeling cooler.

These lounge fit bamboo yoga pants are great for any time. They have a comfortable, four-way stretch that makes them perfect for yoga class. At the same time, they look great and just feel right for wearing anytime you want to relax and take it easy. There are also a pair of back pockets that come in handy. These are the "billiard" green color, but they also come in a sky blue, midnight blue, and black.

Eco Fashion Designer Tells of Bamboo's Benefits

Jonano designer Bonnie Siefers talks about all the benefits of organic bamboo clothing. One thing that's nice is how bamboo fabric resists wrinkles. So you can easily pack a few bamboo garments in a bag for a weekend get away.


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