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10 Hacks to Having Gorgeous Hair

Updated on September 20, 2017
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Did you know that hair live on average, from two to six years?

Women generally have more hair than men so it is understandable that they spend a considerable amount of time taking care of their locks not to mention a chunk of their budget on haircare products and salon treatments.

From spending ten to fifteen minutes a day to an hour, there is no doubt that taking care of our crowning glory is a favorite preoccupation. But we all know that not everyone is blessed with a shiny and full head of hair that is often seen in shampoo commercials.

Since no one wants to have a bad hair day, people search for ways to manage their hair to make them look their best. Here's 10 do's and don'ts to get you that gorgeous head of hair without spending all of you lifesavings on haircare products.

Hair Hacks

1. Never leave the house without drying your hair.

Hairdrying is a time-consuming business especially for women with longer hair. It can take between 10 to 30 minutes depending on your hair type and on what kind of style you need to achieve afterwards. It is a great idea to always dry your hair before going out.

Hairdryers often have both hot or cold air to facilitate the drying process. Drying the hair tames the loose tresses and straightens out the hair locks. One can use a fan or hair dryer whichever is available.

If you want to achieve the tousled or just-got-out-of-bed effect, dry hair sections using your fingers to run through it or flip through during the drying process. For a slick and smooth style, use a flat brush to achieve this.

2. Use cool air when drying

To avoid hair damage, always choose to dry your hair either using cool air settings on the hairdryer or via fan. A hair dryer has different settings and can be set on low or on cool air depending on the user's preferences.

3. Go for regular bi-monthly hair treatment.

Shampoos and other hair products like mousse, gels, sprays pile chemicals and residues on the hair that can lead to dullness and lost of sheen in your locks. This recipe for build up often leads to limp and dry hair. So every once in a while, make sure to get your hair some needed treatment, some of which can be done at home without spending much when you go to hair salons.

Many hair treatment products can be purchased directly from beauty supply sections for 'hot oil' or 'hair spa' to give you hair its needed shine boost. These pre-packed hair spa preparations come with easy to follow instructions so you are on your way to pampering that crowning glory in no time.

4. Find a great hairstylist.

Finding a great hairstylist can involve trial and error but worth the effort in the end. Find one which will help you in getting the proper hair cut or hair care that suits your face and personality. It helps a lot to create a good working relationship with your hair stylist.

Never fall for suggestions from over aggressive hair stylists telling what cut you need to get just because he has the same cut or that it is the trendy thing right now.

Having a haircut involves compromise, what you want to achieve with your hair based on your personal assessment while the hair stylist with his training, knowledge, and experience will aid you in getting a cut that suits your individual personality. Find one that will ultimately work best for you in the long run, 'hair wise' and 'look wise' of course!

6. Get a good haircut that suit you and maintain it via regular trim

Getting a regular trim is good to keep your hair healthy and avoid split ends cause by over-drying and hair product damage. Don't scrimp on this one. You'll be having that cut 24/7 so a disastrous cut could literally ruin your life. And tip generously when you are satisfied with the job done.

7. Eat healthy

This is the easiest part. The hair needs nutrients to grow long and resist breakage. Did you now that your diet shows not only in your skin but also in your hair? It would not be much of effort to incorporate healthy food choices in your diet packed with vitamins necessary to boost healthy hair growth (Vitamin C, B3 and B7).

Pack on healthy and organic vegetables and fruits.

8. Hydrate with water and fresh fruit juices

Do not forget to hydrate with water and healthy fresh juices whenever you can. Hair is composed of cells (though they are already dead cells) and cells need water to do their job.

To optimize the growing potential of your hair, it is advisable to drink more water. Some people claim that drink more water helped them stop their thinning hair problems. There is not harm done in drink more water, our body needs it anyway.

Drinking more fresh fruit juices will not only benefit your hair growth but could also be beneficial to your skin. Chose to drink more and healthy!

9. Reduce product build up with baking soda

To help reduce hair product build up in your tresses, try to out in a baking soda mix to your shampoo once every two weeks to remove chemicals and product accumulated in your hair. Just add in a teaspoon on baking soda on the shampoo and water mixture and massage gently into the scalp and hair.

You will notice that squeaky-clean feeling after you do this great haircare tip.

10. Use cold water instead to rinse hair

Most use warm water to shower but did you know that the use of cold water for your hair will be more beneficial to it in the long run? Warm water may be good to remove dirt and oil in you scalp but this also opens its pores. The result - frizzy and brittle hair!


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