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Invest In Yourself With A Winning Wardrobe

Updated on April 27, 2014

Invest In Yourself and Your Wardrobe

Victoria Moore in a black jacket, white blouse and black pants.
Victoria Moore in a black jacket, white blouse and black pants. | Source
Multicolored bracelet.
Multicolored bracelet. | Source
Shades | Source

Invest In Yourself and Your Wardrobe

The best kind of clothes to buy, while you're on in college, are ones that are as much of an investment as your education. For women that could mean a simple black dress, skirt suit, blazer and white blouse and for men a suit, white shirt and blazer. Interview and job worthy these classics appreciate in your wardrobe like money in your savings account.

Despite reported retail sales that keep showing sales going up and down according to consumer disposable income and thrift store reports that they aren't receiving quality merchandise these days excellent finds still exist. You just have to know where to shop beforehand and how to work it once you get your goodies home. Chain thrift stores Goodwill and Out of the Closet usually have great buys for under $50 on a regular basis.

Vintage styles from the 1940s to 1990s carried at vintage fashion expos and stores are also smart places to buy now too because looks from these eras are very timeless and always "in". So don't feel limited by strictly second-hand designer labels because well-made store brands will also do. The trick is to purchase a wardrobe that will give you plenty of mileage in and out of school.

Let's take a look at the two-piece pantsuit which can be worn by both sexes. Ladies can add a nice blouse, scarf and brooch and men a vintage 1940s tie to dress it up for work. At school the suit jacket can be replaced with a denim one over a white t-shirt for class.

Depending on the type of job you're interviewing for, and your major, these classics can reflect the correct image. Female Business majors could accessorize the black dress with nude pantyhose and pearl studs while Fashion majors could wear black tights and a Gucci scarf. Then for school the dress could be toned down with a hoodie and Converse.

One way to determine if a garment is "quality" is by touching it since all good ones are made out of expensive fabric. They're meant to last which is why they look just as expensive as at Neiman-Marcus as they do at Goodwill. You'd never catch Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani or Donna Karan using a lot of sizing or inexpensive textiles in their garments. Employers will instantly recognize your good tast in a classy ensemble too which can't hurt at a job fair.

Natural fibers (i.e., wool, cotton, silk and linen) in neutral colors-black, navy blue, gray and beige- act as perfect backdrops for dramatic accessories. They can also be worn more than once during the week without anyone noticing. A guy can pair a navy blue blazer with a white button down shirt and khakis for casual Friday then jeans for the week-end. To make the outfit more festive a blue and gold striped tie can be added to bring out the colors in the blazer and the pants.

When 1950s icon Babe Paley tied a scarf around her purse strap and Coco Chanel mixed genuine with costume jewelry they created eternal trends. Today's budding career women can follow their example by accenting their thrift shop purses with print scarves and layering faux pearls over gold chains. Even the most conservative skirt suit and white blouse would be transformed by these accessories.

Collecting vintage scarves, costume jewelry, purses and men's ties are another way to invest in your wardrobe. You can create a signature style by always wearing them and now they can be acquired from $2 on up.

Pantyhose and tights for women, dress socks for men and proper underwear for both sexes are as crucial to your wardrobe as the classics. Sales at Macy's department store, Kohl's, T.J. Maxx, Marshall's and Ross are among some of the most budget-friendly places to find them. Since the most important time it's necessary to dress professionally is for interviews, an internships or on a job, these sartorial components should do the trick and last for awhile.

Eventually as you school and career life mesh you'll be expected to look professional so the sooner you start investing in your wardrobe the better.

Checklist of Basics:

White shirt

Navy blue or black blazer

Twinset (Sweater set)

Black skirt

Pant suit

Skirt Suit

Black shoes

Black purse


Do you buy the best clothes your money can buy?

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