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Barbed Wire, Razor Tattoos

Updated on July 7, 2015

Unique Barbed Wire Tattoos

Tattoos have increased in popularity over the last decade. A tattoo is an extremely personal and unique way to symbolize a period of time in your life, whether happy or sad. There is literally hundreds of different options to choose from.

A very popular tattoo design is barbed wire. It used to be considered a tattoo that was mainly male oriented, but times have changed. An alternative to barbed wire is razor wire tattoos, they are a little different if you are looking for something unique but like the concept of barbed wire.

The most popular place to get a barbed wire tattoo is on the upper arm. Some people like to get the barbed wire wrapped around a cross, skull, sword, or knife. A popular trend is getting a barbed or razor wire tattoo around the ankle as an anklet.

Different Barbed Wire Tat

Barbed Wire Heart Tattoo

Unique Barbed Wire Tatto

Different Cross Barbed Wire Tattoo

Small Barbed Wire Tattoos

Barbed Wire Tribal Heart Tattoo

Cool Barbed Wire Tattoo


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