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Barbour Introduce Dept.B to their range

Updated on April 19, 2013

Dept.B is coming.

The To Ki To range has been very popular over the last few years and Barbour have released some of their best selling jackets through that collection, the most popular being the Commander Jacket which is more commonly known as the James Bond Sky fall Jacket.

Barbour and To Ki To.

Tokihito Yoshida had been designing jackets for Barbour for many years and his Japanese take on British heritage clothing worked perfectly. It was the ultra mindset which come from Japan which took what on the face of it looked like farming clothing and took it to the next level of tailoring turning it from something you would wear to work to something that could be seen on the back of a pipe smoking Anglophile in Tokyo, but as with all good things and with Yoshida leaving Barbour it had to come to an end.

Department B

So Department B was born and as a collection it has fully started from were Yoshida left off, the Commander Jacket it still there as are a few of the other classics from the To Ki To range but with Yoshida's departure the collection has started to take a fresher look at some of the pieces that might have been left behind a little before.

The name given to this collection is actually taken from an old building in the original Barbour factory which was there to deal with customer repairs and alterations, this is a nice touch and it really gives the customer the feel that they are going to get something which somebody has taken care of, not quite bespoke but certainly not from the back of a Chinese sweat shop.

Barbour SkyFall will still be in Dept.B.

Barbour have been going from strength to strength the last few year and this new addition to their empire will do nothing to harm their rise to the top of the British menswear scene, in fact taking to design back from Japan and putting in to British hands will only help in the climate of national pride. Of course when you add to this the James Bond Sky fall Commander Jacket as your first big release that strength can only grow and being as it is sold out on a lot of website before it is even made shows the power of a good release and also the power of Hollywood when it comes to selling clothing.

The Original Department repair centre


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