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My Top 3 Choices For Beautiful Brows

Updated on September 20, 2017

Eye Browsing

As I scroll through my social media feeds, I see oodles of dramatic made-up faces...some are FANTASTIC. I watched three tutorials to see how those beautiful looks are achieved.

I discovered three things:

...I'm still impatient

...I'm still prefer a natural look

...I don't have the luxury to watch a 2-hour tutorial. My kid's not having it. I certainly don't have time to do my face "like that".

I did learn what "bake" is. And concealer and highlighter have turned a whole industry on its head!

Eyeshadows? A gazillion color palettes to choose from for the makeup obsessed. Rich and shimmery and opaque hues. I want them. Like... right now.

It's AMAZING the things that are trending now in makeup.

Eyebrows...apparently, you can even braid them and squiggle them now!

I do love a good eyebrow, though. Mine have thinned out after years of waxing and tweezing. I need them back.

So I've been doing a little research on what works best for super busy women like me.

I found three methods to get a striking look without having to master the art of shaping them with brow gel, powder or pencil.

Brow Tinting

Brow tinting is a cosmetic procedure used to apply semi-permanent dye to the brows to get a fuller, more dramatic look.

I get my brows tinted. Just until I decide on something more permanent. My salon offers it as a $15 add-on to brow shaping.

Here's how it's done:

  • Technician applies a petroleum jelly around my brows to protect my skin from being dyed. But she leaves space around my brow so the dye adheres to my skin to add more volume.
  • She applies a vegetable-based solution (the safest technique) with a cotton applicator. You can choose black or you can do a darker or lighter shade of brown. I use a deep brown tint instead of black so that I get a more subtle finish.
  • She has me lie on my back for about 10 minutes. Usually the process takes only 5-7 minutes. But because she applies dye around my brow, it takes a little longer to dye my skin.
  • She wipes away the excess dye, shapes them, adds a soothing lotion around my eyes and...Viola! I have perfectly arched, full brows framing my face.

The first day, they're a little too "Groucho Marx" for me. But by day two the dye settles in nicely.

I return every 4 weeks to get them re-tinted.



The name alone makes me a little nervous...and the process does require some cutting. But it's minimal.

Microblading is a little harsh on the coins. The least expensive price I found is $400. The price goes up from much as $800 or more.

It lasts one to three years (it varies from person to person). You'll have a follow-up appointment one month after the initial procedure...which is included in the price.

Here's the process:

  • Technician outlines brows in the shape and arch you specify. She works within these parameters to make sure you get the exact look you want.
  • She uses a tool that makes tiny, precise cuts in and around the brow. These little cuts allow pigment to settle into the skin. Apparently it's only as painful as brow threading - a technique that never interested me.

Simple...and it takes about an hour. There are steps you have to take in the week to follow to protect your skin and your pigment. Especially if you're very active. You won't be able to get your brows wet for a week. That sound tough, but I think it's worth the end result.

I LOVE the look. And I love that it's only semi-permanent. I'm sold...I just haven't found the technician I'll use.


Brow Tattooing

My technician has tattooed brows. They're gorgeous!

I haven't met anyone with a botched brow job. But there are countless stories of botched brow in online reviews. So I'm undecided about this procedure.

What if I end up in the Land of Eyebrow Regrets instead of on the other side?

The cost of brow tattooing is $300 to $500. And it's permanent! No "takesies- backsies". You will have to go back for a touch up or two after you heal. Your technician may need to fill in areas that she missed.

First of all, don't even consider getting actual tattoos for eyebrows. Bad idea. You'll probably regret it.

Especially because there are techniques that look so much more realistic. Instead, look for Permanent Eyebrow Procedure.

How it works:

  • Technician draws in brows with the color and shape you choose. You want to be SURE you can live with the look you choose. You and your technician should spend quality time during this step to make sure the shape, arch, and symmetry are perfect for your face.
  • She uses a vibrating needle to inject tiny droplets of pigment just underneath the skin. She uses strokes in the direction your brows grow to get a more nature look.
  • You won't be able to get your brows we for a week. You will have some scabbing with healing, but it will soften with the use of an ointment your technician recommends.

Your brows may be a bit shocking for a few days. They will soften into your desired look.

Microcolor Infusion is the BEST technique for permanent brows. Technician uses a small tattoo needle to inject a dye using three colors to give brows dimension and fill in thin areas.

So there you have it...the best, safest solutions for a fabulous brow. Great for thinning brows like mine. Save time in the morning. Who doesn't need that? Brows are THE thing right now. Get that super sexy look and work it! Make your one-of-a-kind, beautiful face pop honey...yaaaas!


© 2017 Erika Lynne Campbell


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