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Basic Facts on NeoGraft Hair Transplant

Updated on October 16, 2012
Tom Brady was rumored that he had minimally-invasive hair transplant techniques like NeoGraft FUE and careful hairline artistry.
Tom Brady was rumored that he had minimally-invasive hair transplant techniques like NeoGraft FUE and careful hairline artistry. | Source

Hair transplant is one of those hair restoration procedures that have continuously provided impressive results. Today, a new brand of technology is in the market, promising to provide better results and patient comfort. This new hair transplant machine considered to create a more efficient surgical hair restoration procedure is named NeoGraft. So what does it do? What are its benefits? What makes it better compared to the other two hair transplant approaches?

NeoGraft hair transplant is made possible through the machine that is specifically designed to improve the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction Method).

FUE is when the hair follicles are individually removed directly from the scalp. This takes more time and a more experienced hair surgeon to pull it off. Due to the hours required to finish a single session, this approach is considered to be more expensive compared to FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). But it promises better aesthetic outcome because it eliminates the need for a long linear scar at the back of the head.

What NeoGRaft does is that it enables enables the doctor to perform the procedure with a wider coverage. It is also designed to provide just the right pneumatic pressure so which reduces the risk of damage that a manual tugging and extraction does.

Therefore, this machine improves the process of removal in FUE which is one of its biggest drawbacks. Due to the right amount of pressure that it creates, this protects the hair follicles preventing any wastage. It also improves the chances of other hair loss victims, such as those with tight or thick scalps and those with deeply anchored hair follicles, to be hair transplant candidates. The reason behind it is that the work performed by the machine is not interrupted by the quality of the skin.

With the number of grafts ranging around 800 to 2500 for every session and every hair follicle containing one to four hairs, it takes a great amount of effort to finish an entire session. That is why a typical FUE procedure would require the doctor to have an assistant around. But with NeoGraft, the surgeon may no longer need any assistance because the machine can make it easier for him. With reduced manpower and time, it implies lesser costs.

Yes, the NeoGraft reportedly provides lesser cost for the patient. And it also lessens the number of sessions required, while the number of grafts transplanted for each session is doubled.

The NeoGraft hair transplant machine is also designed to be an angled instrument, so that it can be sensitive to those follicular units that grow at an angle. This minimizes the risk of hair follicle transections or cutting.

Despite the promising results that new-age technology provide hair restoration practices, there are still some who still opt for the traditional, although more invasive FUT. Some doctors still swear by it because they say that it provides the best results and the best yield.

Even with the advancement brought by NeoGraft, it is still very important that a hair surgeon be well versed on how to manipulate this in response to the patient’s unique hair characteristics. Without good judgment based on sound anatomical knowledge, this could still yield second-rate results.

So before you decide on getting that service, first check the hair transplant surgeon who is doing it. With the right hands even the most high-end technology could not even measure up to its potential.


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      Rahul Satpathy 3 years ago

      Wow, it's a nice post!!!!!!!!!!! NeoGraft is the actually partially automated hair transplantation system in which doctors can make the best use of the popular Follicular Unit Extraction technique. The Neograft is not a robotic hair transplant but all the surgical steps. Visit for more details.