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Bathing a Puppy for The First time?

Updated on June 25, 2015

Guide to puppy Washing

Small Dog
Small Dog | Source

Puppy Taking First Bath

Giving a puppy a bath for the first time is not as hard as it might seem. Most dogs, the same as cats, don’t like `the feeling of water on their bodies, but it depends on how you approach the task whether the dog will like or hate it in the future.

Being exposed for the first time to something it is not used to can be frightening for any dog; however, you can ease the fear by allowing your dog to approach the water gradually. before bathing your dog, grab it gently by the stomach with one hand and submerge the other into the water, so the dog sees that what it is about to engage is safe.

Thing Needed to Bath a Small Dog?

  • Dog`s shampoo
  • Bath tub or basin
  • Water pitcher
  • Bucket of water
  • Towels

What to Do Before the Bath?

Don`t take your dog directly to the bathtub. Let your dog play a little with the water inside the basin. You may take off some of the dirt off its body by rubbing it with a dry clean cloth. You may also ease its fear by grabbing your small dog with one hand and sprinkling some water gently on its body with the other hand.

How to Prepare the Bath Tub or Basin?

Don`t fill the bath tub or basin with water. You`re going to use the tube as a receptacle for all the dirt coming off your small dog. Fill a bucket with clean lukewarm water and place it to one side of the tube. Make sure the water is not too cold or warm; tepid water should be good enough.

Dilute Two Parts of Shampoo to Five Parts of Water

Diluting the Shampoo
Diluting the Shampoo | Source

Dilute about two parts of shampoo to five parts of water in the small pitcher; stir this mix really well until it starts making bubbles. Some shampoos may be too irritating for the dog`s skin. Make sure to use the type of shampoo that won`t irritate your dog`s skin.

Bathing your Dog

Hold your Small dog by the underbody with one hand and bring it inside the tube, which is where the bathing will take place. Sprinkle some shampoo unto its body with your free hand and start rubbing its body gently. Continue sprinkling shampoo unto its body until you get it completely wet, except for the head. Leave this part for the last.

How to Hold your Puppy While Giving it a bath?

Holding the dog
Holding the dog | Source

How Often do You Bath Your Pet?

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Once it is completely wet with shampoo, start rubbing its body and paws with your free hand. Exchange hands so you can rub on every spot of its body without leaving anything missing. Don`t take too much time rubbing the shampoo on your dog; two to three minutes should be enough.

Bathing its paws

Rubbing the legs
Rubbing the legs | Source

Rinsing Your Dog

Now get some lukewarm water on a pitcher and start pouring it onto the dog`s body. Let the water run in between the fur by opening channels. Pour more water and rinse your puppy completely until all of the shampoo has been washed away.

Apply some shampoo on your dog`s shoulder`s and feet; rub the shampoo gently with one hand for one minute; pitch some tepid water and rinse your dog’s feet thoroughly.

Rinsing the dog
Rinsing the dog | Source

How to Wash you Puppies’ Head?

Avoid putting shampoo on your dog`s face as it can result too irritating for some dog`s. instead, try to use a clean wet cloth and clean its face gently. Rinse your dog`s face with tepid water.
Get a clean towel and wrap your dog with it. Hold your dog in your arms while it gets a little dry.

This will make it feel secure and less scared by the past experience. Get another clean towel and start rubbing your dog`s fur, paws, ears and head. After some minutes, depending on the climate, your dog should have completely gotten dried. At this time, some treats would be a good reward for your dog`s behavior during the bathing process.

Cleanning the Dog´s head and  face
Cleanning the Dog´s head and face | Source


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  • unvrso profile image

    Jose Juan Gutierrez 3 years ago from Mexico City

    Thanks, Miss Dora. It was a real pleasure to bath this puppy.

  • MsDora profile image

    Dora Weithers 3 years ago from The Caribbean

    Very detailed and helpful. I've never done this, but I bet I could now because of your tutorial. Thank you and voted up.