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Bathrobes Are Not Just For The Bath

Updated on November 18, 2009

Bathrobes were once exclusively for use in the bathroom alone for bathing purposes, however these days more and more people are discovering that the soft, thick bathrobes feel wonderful when coming out of the shower or tub and lounging around the house. Bathrobes are also superb as cover-ups when coming out of the swimming pool or hot tub.

Another discovery more and more people are making lately is that to avoid messing up your clothes while getting ready for work or a night out, you can slip on a bathrobe while you're doing your hair, makeup or brushing your teeth.

Towel Style Bathrobes Have Closures For Modesty

There are also towel style bathrobes that are available with a variety of closures, including velcro and snaps. These are very convenient if you don't want to wrap a big terry-cloth belt around you. Generally, the towel styles of bathrobes for women are considerably larger. They cover from just above the knee area all the way to the underarms, while the style for men start at the waist and goes all the way down to the knees.

These specialized snap and velcro type closures allow them to stay in place so they don't have a tendency to unravel like conventional towels. They are also generally manufactured from luxurious and durable fabrics than you would find in a regular bath towel. This style of towel bathrobes works extraordinarily well to cover up quickly.

Many Popular Styles Of Bathrobes

There are many thick and luxurious bathrobes which are made of absorbent, soft and cuddly terry cloth but many on the market are also silky, thin and sensual. Bathrobes are available in a huge array of options, fabrics, styles and even lengths. While in colder climates, you may wish to opt for warm velour in a design which covers you from neck to toe. If it summertime or if you're feeling sexy, you may want to go with a knee length satiny robe with a very loose drape over the body. No matter what the climate, the season or the latitude, it is easy to find a particular bathrobe to suit your needs as well as your wants.

The most popular style of bathrobes is a double breasted with a sash. This ties in the front and holds the bathrobe closed. However, there are innumerable other styles and designs on the market, including pullovers, hooded robes, and a mind-boggling number of hook, eye, zip, button-down or any variety of different closures. Some robes have pockets; some do not, while others have strings on the inside, either side of the bathrobe in order to ensure the robe stays securely closed.

Children Love Bathrobes

Of course, bathrobes are available in smaller sizes for children as well. Although bright fabrics and very fanciful colors are generally found in children's sleepwear, they are also available in a variety of wonderful designs and many can feature cartoon and television or movie characters on them. It is easy to find bathrobes for children that are coordinated with nightgowns, pajamas or slippers. Many parents also select a very plain design, simply because it is the favorite color of the child.

Bathrobes are extremely personal and therefore make phenomenal gifts for family and friends. Bathrobes are comfortable and there are many on the market which can definitely be called luxury products. A bathrobe makes a perfect gift.


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