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Batiste Dry Shampoo

Updated on February 25, 2011

Who Needs Water

With our busy lives many of us don't have the time to wash our hair when we'd like.  Between work, friends, the gym, and family most of us are on the go all day long.  Dry shampoo is perfect for active people. It is easy to use, fast, and doesn't require any water!  I've tried many dry shampoos and found Batiste to be my absolute favorite.  Batiste Dry Shampoo removes dirt, oils, dandruff, skin particles, and environmental contaminants without the need for water.  Batiste comes in two sizes.  The 5.05 oz full size to keep at home and the 1.6 oz on the go size to keep in your purse, desk, gym bag, or glove box for revitalized, refreshed hair anywhere.

How Do I Use Batiste Dry Shampoo

Batiste is perfect to rejuvenate dull lifeless hair and can be used virtually anywhere.

  • Shake the can well
  • Separate hair into 2 inch sections and spray holding the can 2 inches away from root to tip
  • As you spray use your fingers to separate and lift hair for full coverage
  • Massage into hair and scalp working into your roots
  • Let product sit for 2 minutes
  • Brush hair leaving it feeling refreshed and full of life!

Batiste comes in three different scents original, blush, and diva.  My personal favorite is blush.  It has a gorgeous floral scent that is perfect for covering up food and smoke odors and is great if you spend your time working in a restaurant or night club.  The original scent is very light and fresh and leaves your hair feeling clean and full of texture and body.  Diva is the strongest of the scents and is sure to turn heads in every room you enter.

When Do I Use Batiste Dry Shampoo?

Personally I use it all the time.  As a mid-day refresher, to get rid of odors when I'm out for the evening, after the gym, camping, after work when I'm headed out, when I oversleep, after I've eaten out to rid my tresses of that dreaded restaurant smell!  The possibilities are endless.  If you've never used a dry shampoo you will be absolutely amazed at how refreshed and full of life your hair can feel without ever seeing a drop of water.


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