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Baume Mercier Diamant Luxury Swiss Watch Review

Updated on January 8, 2015

Baume&Mercier Diamant

Baume&Mercier Diamant resembles the round Ilea both in materials and fashion-dressy purpose – yet unlike the latter, it fosters much closer ties to the brand's square aesthetic.

The distinct rectangular shape of Diamant watches immediately and naturally alludes to ladies lines of Hampton Classic, Milleis, and Square; clearly different, it provides an essential alternative. Eventually, its intricate design expands the expressive range of Baume&Mercier feminine selection, and sets off the pure architecture of Hampton collection.

Visual variety plays a more than usual part in this line: dials exhibit two-tone numerals, mother-of-pearl of different shades and, the occasional black backdrop. Band assortment comprises stainless steel bracelets (with or without diamonds on the edges), two-tone metal pieces (gold and steel), and leather. All Diamant watches come equipped with a Swiss quartz movement.

Baume Mercier Diamant
Baume Mercier Diamant


Case design could be the most defining quality of this collection. Where Ilea and Hampton display a solid architectural block of case and lugs – a build that projects calm and confidence – Diamant opt for a busy, split configuration where lugs appear almost detachable from the bezel. Resulting is a folding complexity of a somewhat erratic, unpredictable tone – and curiously reminiscent of Rado Integral and v10k watches.

Leather straps considerably tone down this chaotic effect, allowing to present a more formal facade. The black dial models too helps to stabilize the configuration by absorbing the light and anchoring the entire layout.


Jewelry can either emphasize the said erratic quality, or amplify it. Stainless steel timepieces with diamonds (especially where the stones appear on the lugs – but not on the bracelet) attain a characteristic cool appearance that “chills” the busyness; two-tone gold and steel variations do exactly the opposite, producing a checker-board like strip that seems to play cat and mouse with the viewer. These are among Baume&Mercier's most expressive and offbeat watches.


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