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Baume&Mercier Hampton Milleis, Square Swiss Luxury Watches Review

Updated on January 8, 2015

Hampton Milleis and Square

While Hampton Classic accentuates clarity and purity of form, Hampton Milleis and Square relax the design a little bit, offering more dressy and sports oriented watches. Both collections replicate the solid case frame, but give its rectangular shape a few stretches, which result in several unique visual characteristics – some expressive, others almost quirky – that enrich and expand the aesthetic range of the Baume&Mercier Hampton line.

Both Milleis and Square include men's and women's models: gents' timepieces are not only larger, but also contain more elaborate calibers – featuring chronograph functions, power reserve indicators, and date apertures. Women's creations will generally pay more attention to the decorative side, setting the bezels with diamonds, and introducing rare pink-tone leather straps.

Square Chronograph dials require a particular mention: exhibiting a highly busy grid, they resemble a pilot's or a racer's panel. The turn from formal restraint of regular watches to this very fluid, mottled layout is quite dramatic, and it anticipates the sporty Capeland and Riviera.

Baume Mercier Hampton Square
Baume Mercier Hampton Square


The curve that designers gave this Hampton collection imparts the timepieces a distinct dressy-fashion look. Baume&Mercier generally pay much attention to linear organization – as often is the case with brands that use a restricted color palette – and Milleis enjoys extra care in that regard.

Small dauphin-type hands leave a lot of space for the large numerals, Roman or Arabic (men's and gold models), while the central decorative rectangle brings to mind Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso faces (though JLC usually employ sword-type hands for the Reverso).

Jewelry pieces contain either mother-of-pearl and diamonds, or yellow gold, where the case, the bracelet, the hands, and even the indexes are made from the precious metal.


Square is a somewhat odd division in Hampton: it puts aside classic principles of harmony, opting for a bulky, harshly symmetrical square instead.

The transformation becomes complete in the larger chronograph variations, which project aggressive, angular qualities typical of general purpose sports watches – but with a tinge of avant-guard fashion. Both chrono and and dual time (automatic) timers feature rubber bands and resist water up to 200 meters.

Hampton Square for the ladies opts for smaller sized watches with a more delicate frame and soft mother-of-pearl or “shimmering white” dials. The elongated fine-drawn hands and Roman numerals accord with the overall composition of this Baume&Mercier collection.


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