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Baume&Mercier Vintage, Ladies Watches Review: Gold, Jewelry, Chronograph

Updated on January 6, 2015

Baume and Mercier Vintage

Baume and Mercier vintage watches reflect an era of class and elegance that many brands are striving to recapture today. Modern high-end watchmaking trends veer notably towards avant-guard and futuristic aesthetic, preferring stark, often shocking architecture that contrasts with the flowing finesse of the twenties and fifties of the 20th century – when Art Deco and other artistic movements dominated the world of design.

Baume Mercier Riviera collection fits well into the modern order of timepieces – but the company can rightfully boast an entire series of creations, mostly for the ladies, that fall into the elegant vintage category; Marquise, Linea, Vice versa, Catwalk, and even Riviera Jewelry are some of these lines. The way Baume&Mercier evolved, adding and discontinuing fashion models as fashion itself changed, resembles a similar process in Corum Ladies watches: Pyramid, Trapeze, Sugar Cube, and Ovale.

Baume&Mercier Marquise 1946
Baume&Mercier Marquise 1946

Gold watches

Earlier in the 20th century gold was the most popular precious metal (and generally material) in luxury timepieces: stainless steel was not as technologically advanced, and platinum, and diamonds were not yet as widespread as today.

Instead, jewelers and watchmakers focused on filigree and scroll work with yellow gold. The results they achieved were often highly artistic and occasionally genuinely rare and unique.

Both cases and bracelets presented areas open for new design and visual innovation – items from that time often exhibit asymmetrical, exotic shapes, aiming to please the eye in as memorable, and in as many ways as possible.

Catwalk, Linea, Vice versa

Released during the 80s and the 90s, these collections seek to recapture the exuberant and creative spirit of pre WW2 era. Though often executed in stainless steel and diamond accents (a more contemporary design approach), their geometric frame, and overall appearance bear the unmistakable stamp of earlier times – and will evoke a sense of nostalgia from people who appreciate that epoch.

Linea in particular is peculiar in its way of marking the hours by imprinting Arabic numeral on the wide bezel, similar to the iconic Corum Romulus.


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