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Stockings For Men With Taste

Updated on October 16, 2009

Who doesn't enjoy the feeling of nylon stockings? Hmm? I know you do, and of course, where stockings can be enjoyed  any place in the great wide world that your legs take you. If you conform to society's pressures and wear pants over your stockings, they're practically invisible to those around you, which means you can sneak your stockings into places where no stockings have gone before.

All the stockings in this piece are available from, where stockings are headquartered. Where there is an entire stocking hierarchy giving orders to peon stockings out and about in the world. I'm not saying that any stockings you buy from them will be under the direct control of the President stocking who resides in the penthouse at Stockings HQ, but I am saying they may occasionally sneak out for a secret mission that they won't be able to talk about later, so for the love of god man, just let it go. You knew what you were getting yourself into the moment you placed that order.

Levee Lace Top Stockings

You'll note that these Levee stockings are featured on the main page, and gosh darn it, why not? They are simply delightful with their many inches of lace and floral embroidery which clings to the lucky lady's thigh. That could be your thigh, you know, being clung to like that. It can be quite difficult to find nice lingerie that has a touch of red about it, so I'd bookmark these for that future lingerie buying spree you'll probably end up going on.

Luisa Marie Lugli Can Can Stockings

More stay up stockings, this time with an innovative kind of crochet style mesh elastic which is sure to stick to your leg like glue. Glue that can be easily peeled away though, so perhaps more like a post it note. A sexy, saucy post it note. Mmm. Office supplies never sounded so good before.

Cervin Madonna 1979 Stockings

I don't even pretend to know what is going on here. I do know that these are very, very sexy sheer stockings with a whopping colorful surprise hiding at the top of them. Apparently it is reminiscent of 1979, which may as well not have existed as far as I'm concerned. I certainly didn't exist then and I think it is very bad form for anything else to have existed either. But I digress. Would you check out that band of lace fun! These stockings come in a range of colors, well the stockings are always sheer black, but the lace tops can be baby pink, as pictured, purple, dark pink, red, or royal blue.


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Dear Hope,

      I have been meaning to ask you if you knew about StockingsHQ. But your Hub "beat me to the punch." While my dealings with these folks have been limited, I do have to give them my thumbs up. The quality of the stockings that I have ordered have been first rate. Their prices are some of the lowest on the net, barring fluctuations in exchange rates. The folks that processs the orders efficient, and if the stockings are in their warehouse, fast.

      Overall, a very pleasant business to buy from. I hope you and your other readers have the same good fortune with them that I have had.

      Kind regards,


    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Aw Hope, you've done it again. StockingsHQ is wonderful. Their page of Suspender belts alone requires hours of careful research and examination. They just ooze with sexiness as the belt is so much more than just a support system for the stockings. Stay ups are great and these are some beautiful examples but the way those straps slink out from beneath her (or maybe his) slip in the first photo is just intoxicating. (In case you didn't notice, I'm a little partial to garter belts.) Love your hubs.


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