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Bay Colony Nail Salon in Dickinson, Texas

Updated on November 30, 2012

I’ve never been girly. I was a tomboy all my life. But there’s always been something fun about painting my nails. Then a friend got me to go for a manicure. I loved the pampering and service. We tried a few salons, and then we settled on the Bay Colon Nail Salon as our favorite and now we don’t go anywhere else.


One of the reasons I love this nail salon is how clean it is. I’ve been to other salons that seem to waft an odor of nail polish and chemicals as you walk past. Here, I’ve never had that problem. Even sitting for hours in the salon to get a manicure and pedicure, I will barely smell any product, except for what is being used on me at that time. On top of that, their bathroom is always clean - a true plus – and I’ve never had a problem with any of the drinks they’ve served.

Bay Colony Nail Salon
Bay Colony Nail Salon | Source


The salon is painted to resemble what someone thought was a Roman villa, perhaps. Regardless, the muted color, generally soft music, and huge fish tanks make it a relaxing place to spend an afternoon. They also have multiple televisions, all with the sound off and closed captioning on, so you can indulge in the guilty pleasure of watching horrible Lifetime movies or sports. They are happy to change the channel on a television for you, if you have a specific request.

The area for manicures has simple but comfortable chairs. The back area, however, where they provide pedicures has massage chairs with lots of padding and extremely comfortable arm rests. Each chair has room for a drink, and most also have a shelf for your purse, or at least a raised area behind it to hold your purse so that you don’t have to put your purse on the floor.

Thanksgiving Turkey nail art done by Lieu
Thanksgiving Turkey nail art done by Lieu | Source

Nail Art

Almost everyone there does nail art from scratch. Ask when you make an appointment if you are planning on getting nail art, and you can get someone who is used to doing nail art. There is, of course, an additional charge, based on the type and amount of nail art you get. Nail art can be done on “fake” or real nails.

Nail Art Available

Nail art examples on display
Nail art examples on display | Source
Nail art examples on display
Nail art examples on display | Source
"Black and Sparkly Blue" nail art done by Lieu
"Black and Sparkly Blue" nail art done by Lieu | Source

Products and Services

The only services I’ve used are manicures and pedicures; however, the salon offers solar nails, eyebrow waxing, and facials.

For the manicures, there are multiple levels of service. You can have a plain manicure or a deluxe manicure. It’s worth it to spring for the deluxe service. It includes paraffin wax for your hands, a longer hand/arm massage, hot towel wraps for your arms, and more. It takes about half an hour, maybe more, depending on the manicure you’re getting.

For the pedicures, there are again multiple levels of service. With the super deluxe, you get it all – paraffin wax for your feet, a hot rock massage for your legs, hot towel wraps, and more. Plan for at least an hour if you’re getting a super deluxe pedicure. And give yourself some time for a nap afterwards; you will be so relaxed that you may fall asleep once you get home!

They do carry multiple types of nail polish, including OPI and Zoya. In addition, you can bring your own nail polish if you have a favorite type or color. They also do have the gel and shellac nail polishes, although there is an extra charge for them due to the additional work involved.


The salon provides drinks at no charge. They have sodas, water, and limited alcohol beverages, such as white wine and mimosas.

Mustache and top hat nail art done by Lieu
Mustache and top hat nail art done by Lieu | Source


There are only two problems I’ve encountered. On two occasions, they had lost our appointments, and because of that, we had to wait when we arrived. Normally, however, there is no problem with appointments and no wait if you have an appointment. If you don’t have an appointment, do expect a wait time, especially during holiday seasons and on the weekend.

The other problem is that not all of the employees are extremely fluent in English, so depending on who I’ve gotten to do my nails, I have had to ask someone to help me translate to make sure that I got what I wanted. For the most part, however, they can understand any requests you make.

What do I think of the Bay Colony Nail Salon?

4 stars for Bay Colony Nail Salon


While I gave them a four here, I would have preferred the option to give them an hour and a half. They aren’t perfect, but who is? Yet I feel they deserve an A (90/100) instead of a B (80/100). They provide high quality service, and they make you feel relaxed, comfortable, and happy.

Bay Colony Nail Salon

A marker1804 FM 646 West, Dickinson, TX 77539 -
1804 Farm To Market 646, Dickinson, TX 77539, USA
get directions


Do not confuse this Bay Colony Nail Salon with the one located in League City. They are different entities. They were once associated with each other, but they no longer are.

Manicures and Pedicures

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    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 2 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Great review, Kat. Sounds like a great nail salon to have your nails done.