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Be Chic on the Cheap Without Looking Shabby

Updated on April 13, 2011

How to be a fashionista on a tight Budget

Being fashionable does not have to come with a high price tag. With the current recession, almost everyone has had to make sacrifices. But with a few guidelines and some creativity, saying hello to a more responsible budget does not have to mean saying goodbye to an amazing wardrobe.

Salute the Sale Rack

Paying full price for a new collection at the beginning of a season is for suckers. Wait a month or two and get those same fashions for a fraction of the cost. If you scout for sales frequently at your favorite stores, you can still have the same fashions you love without having to sacrifice your pocketbook.

Set Your Own Price

The key to budget shopping is just with a set budget in mind. Before going into a store, resolve to spend no more than a certain amount on a top or a pair of pants. Once you get into this habit, filtering out buys that are just too pricey will be second nature and finding something you love in your price range will feel like a steal!

If You Love Your Clothes, You Must Set Them Free

Part of being a self-proclaimed fashionista, means keeping up with the current trends. What is the point of holding on to an outfit that lost its luster two seasons ago? If a particular piece of clothing has just been hanging out in your closet for more than six months, your best bet is to clean out your closet and sell your gently used clothes to a consignment store. Not only are you freeing up more space for a new wardrobe, but you're making extra dough to put toward and cute new outfit you found on clearance. Who can say no to that?

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Revel in Resale

Vintage is in and so are hip resale shops. Look around in your area for a resale/consignment store and check them out. Some resale boutiques have amazing, name brand bags that have been sold by a bag addict who is moving on the next collection. You can also find all kinds of funky jewelry and accessories for a song.

Own Your Look

If you carry yourself with confidence and grace, you can make a burlap sack look fierce. Looking your best is all about shining from the inside out and accentuating what you have. If you have a plain dress, dress it up with some chunky jewelry you found on clearance or give your plain jacket some flare with a vintage broach. Feel amazing and you will look amazing to everyone else.


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    • AspiringNewMoms profile image

      AspiringNewMoms 6 years ago

      Great Hub!

    • profile image

      Squirrel 6 years ago

      This is some awesome advice and a very well-written article! Somba!