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Be Fabulous like Gigi Gorgeous

Updated on June 30, 2015

YouTube sensation Gigi gorgeous has successfully managed to become the leading and pioneering transgender beauty guru online giving females across the world advice on beauty, fashion, haircare and lifestyle. What started out as a hobby seven years ago back in 2008, Gigi (previously known as Gregory) started making beauty videos on YouTube as a homosexual young male. She would transform herself in front of the camera for her audience to see, since then her channel has exploded and she now has over one million subscribers across the world. She made the brave decision to publicly display her transition from male to female on her channel discussing all the surgical procedures she had and how it affected her life.

She is now known as a TV personality with appearances on Project Runway and Good Work as well as being a public speaker within the LGBT community.

Gigi's transition from male to female.
Gigi's transition from male to female.


Gigi loves to experiment with different make-up looks (after all that’s how she got into YouTube), however her go –to make-up look is fairly neutral. She loves going for dramatic eyes with nude lips – her signature look. To start out she’ll always wear a full face of foundation with concealer. On her eyes she’ll wear a pale flesh-tone eyeshadow colour but the intensity comes from the lashings of mascara she adds to her eyelashes, then on top she’ll add false eyelashes for more impact. She finalises her look with subtle pink or peach blush and a pale pink lipstick with lashings of lipgloss on top for a fuller effect.

Gigi wearing her signature two-piece look.
Gigi wearing her signature two-piece look.

Matching Co-ordinates

Gigi is no stranger when it comes to night life, she regularly hits up all the L.A. hot spots and of course she does it in style. Her go-to evening look is a sexy two-piece co-ordinate, she owns many varieties in an array of colours. Co-ordinates have been a huge hit on the high-street for quite a few years now and there’s never a shortage of styles and colours. They’re great at showing off your curves, whilst displaying a toned mid-drift. Stick to a set with a loose fitting bottom such as a skater skirt during the day paired with ballet flats or sandals. Inject some texture such as lace during the night and dress it up with a pair of high heels.

Gigi chilling in a casual outfit.
Gigi chilling in a casual outfit.

Crop Tops

Gigi loves showing off her toned stomach in cute crop tops. She usually pairs a plain crop top with skinny jeans during the day with a chic designer handbag for a casual look. At night she’ll usually play with colours by pairing it with a bright/patterned skater skirt for a dressy look. There are tons of affordable basic crop tops available on the high-street. Always remember to pair your crop top with high-waisted jeans or skirt for a more sophisticated look.


The Red Sole

If there is one item this glamourous youtuber is obsessed about it’s the infamous Christian Louboutin heels. Gigi’s image is all about glamour and luxury and what better way to present yourself to the world then in a pair of fierce red soled heels. She often features them in her favourites of the month videos and is rarely ever caught posing without wearing a pair. If you’re a newbie to the Louboutin club we suggest sticking to the classic Pigalles for your first pair. The Pigalle will go with any outfit day or night and will be a lifetime addition to your wardrobe. Time to start saving!

Gigi reviewing her Christian Louboutins on YouTube
Gigi reviewing her Christian Louboutins on YouTube


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    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 3 months ago from London England

      Can't help but think the inimitable 'ZOELLA' has been influenced by the Spice Girls of a half generation earlier. Still, Zoella has reached the epitome of the fashionista trend.

    • profile image

      Gadfly 18 months ago from Olde London Towne

      Don't expect any to steal the style of the inimitable 'ZOELLA'. Adopt her fashionable mode - yes of course. Be a ZOEy type - not at all!