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Be a Beach Babe in Lime Green

Updated on December 4, 2012

Become a beach babe this summer in cool lime greens.

Green is a fantastic color. No matter your skin tone or the hue of your hair, green has a wonderful way of looking good on everyone. For color co-ordination, green matches almost all other colors - reds, oranges, blues, purples, yellows all look equally wonderful when paired with green.

Make a fashion splash this summer with watery cool greens like the ones I have highlighted on this page.

All items are top quality and available online through with fast delivery for those important occasions when you want to look your best - the beach party, round the swimming pool, or just to laze about in those long hazy days of summer.


This lime green swimsuit bikini is perfect for wearing at the beach or poolside this summer. Its cool color will perfectly match the perfect brown tan you have acquired.

You will feel like a million dollars wearing this 80% nylon/20% spandex outift with removable padded cups and removable wooden beading end ties.

Fully lined, this bikini looks and feels fantastic. Make a splash when you wear this!

The Green Giraffe Designer Animal Inspired Print Handbag Purse Tote is one of the hotest items you can buy this season. Contains loads of room inside for all your beach needs, and the ring chain handle connectors are a perfect plain to clip on your green frog watch! [see foot of page]


Choice of light green or dark green sarongs. Both will go equally well with the other colors in the collection.

Choose a long or short sarong depending on your mood. Short sarongs can be worn like a mini-skirt to show off your best assets, while long ones keep them guessing!

Both look incredibly sexy when matched with the lime green bikini above, while helping to protect your modesty when sitting at the beach bar cooling off with a long cool drink.

Beautiful hand-made Indian glass bangles that make a tinkling musical sound when worn. Mix and match with all the jewelry listed on this page. The colors blend in perfectly, and you will look and feel fantastic and feminine wearing them.

The Mardi Grass Bead Necklace set consists of two dark green beaded chains that will match perfectly with all the other accessories listed here. At 31" long, they will lie below the other necklace set outlined here, and the colors will complement each other.

The Neon Colors Genuine Wafer Shell Circle Earrings will look perfect with your outfit. Lime green always goes well with shades of oranges and these earrings have a yellowy strip in the middle to provide a perfect match with the other jewelry and accessories listed on this page.

Make sure you are noticed with this beautiful green, sliver and orange necklace and earring set that shimmers in the sun.

ThecChain of the Summer Green Necklace is 19" long and comes with matching earrings.

Sandals are a must and this pair of flip-flops featured here are perfectly color co-ordinated for the outfit you have chosen for yourself.

As well as being easy to kick off when you are on the sand, Corkey's Thick Sole Green Plaid Sandals are ultra-comfortable to wear.


Always be able to tell the time when you are not wearing a your watch. Whe sunbathing, you may choose not to weat your watch because of the white bits left behind when you take it off, so invest in a keyring watch that you can attach to your bag so that you can always know the time.

The Green Key Frog Pocket Chain Watch is ideal when you are having a 'green' day out.

Finally, to complete the look of the ultra cool chic beach babe, add a pair of Lacoste Women's LA 12631 Sunglasses. You get the name, you get the quality, you get THE LOOK.


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