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Beach Fashion In White

Updated on September 16, 2016
White a popular choice in beach wear.
White a popular choice in beach wear. | Source

At The Beach 2014

It is great to hear that white is again an extremely popular choice for summer wear.this season.As always white is versatile and cool to wear so great for over togs at the beach a good choice to offer some protection from the sun with out over heating the body.

Guys can choose from a large range of white themed board shorts while girls love the white dress or over top. Perfect for keeping you cool and feeling confident while looking good.

Stay fresh and cool in the white hat, look good in the white shades or sport a white short skirt to show off the tan.What ever your fashion taste this summer you may like to check out the white choice to help you stay cool in the sun.



Being Safe In White In The Sun

Protection From UV in The Sun

I have often questioned myself about the possibility of sunburn through light summer clothes and although white reflects the heat away from the body and helps to keep you cool there is still the danger that the sun can burn through the light summer cottons.We are all aware of the dangers of sunburn and the best step is to stay out of the sun during thr hottest part of the day and stay and play in the shade..Since that is not always possible the next thing is to cover up and use sun screen even under your clothes to be safe.

White Thin Cottons for Beach Wear.

Thin cottons look great,. are easy to wear and comfortable over wet togs..Tops, dresses, jackets, pants and sarongs in white look,beautiful at the beach.Use sunscreen under these white garments and enjoy white for summer beach fashion.

The Thicker Weaved materials offer More Protection

If you want more protection in the sun there are options to consider when looking for new summer fashion. To put it simply the heavier the material the more protection you will have from the sun for instance instead of going for a thin cotton hat go for a thicker cotton or a canvas hat which will still be cool yet the sun won't burn through the same as it would with a light cotton hat.

Heavier cotton Pants, skirts or even in a dress will reflect the heat away and keep the sun out .White denim is one example of a material you could choose to stay cool and protected in the sun.

For Extra Protection Check out Fashion with UPF-50 For Protection Built In

if you are concerned about sun burn then the ultimate step is to go for materials especially designed to keep the sun out.The good news is that you can get some great white fashion for the beach that can offer you just that.

UPF-50-(only 2% of ultraviolet rays can penetrate this material.)

Cover up and stay safe this summer.

A New You This Summer

Summer brings with it self awareness. Skin , hair , fashion , diet all come forward in our thoughts.

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