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Updated on June 21, 2012

Was is it time for? The beach or the pool would be the answer for many. The pool for those who are probably staying at home. The beach for those heading out to vacation to a nice sandy beach. This season always brings out the swimwear that we have usually hidden in the closet and we are ready to wear it as the weather heats up.

For the men, it isn't always a big problem because they just have to put on a pair of shorts or swim shorts and there you go, they are ready to go swimming. However, for us women, we tend to choose wisely what we like to wear. How many times do you go the store and the variety of swimwear that is available to purchase? They have a two piece, a one piece, and my favorite the tankini. Everyone has their choice of swimwear that they like to wear, maybe because of the style of the certain swimwear. They have so many colors and so many styles to choose from that sometimes it is like, where to start.

Swimwear has really changed from what it used to be. So one can see why some swimwear is very trendy. Who can remember those very first swim suits that came out? Summer can really bring out some trendy swimwear that we sometimes can't even imagine. What kind of swimwear do you like to put on?


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