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How to Get Wavy Hair

Updated on May 23, 2011

Wavy Hair!

Wavy hair is a very trendy hairstyle presently and it doesn’t appear to leave the fashion industry anytime soon. You and I very well know that wavy hair is sexy. Wherever you go it is commonly used especially by girls. I am a guy and naturally my hair is already quite curly but wouldn’t mind copying the girl’s style. It’s so easy to do that I would have loved to just use some spray, curling irons and voila, it’s finished. No one likes spending too much time on styling hair neither do I. But how does a person get wavy hair.

How to Get Wavy Hair

Like I already mentioned above, you only require a curling iron, styling product and volumizing spray or tonic to become sexier than your friends. Did you know that those girls who already have natural wavy hair look best in beach wavy hair? Out of the items below, they additionally require a straightening balm.

Items you need include:

·         Volumizing spray

·         Shine serum

·         Hairspray

·         Hair dryer

·         A curling iron

How to Style

1)      Wash hair and spray the volumizing spray

2)      Massage gently and then brush hair

3)      Blow dry hair into three sections if you wish

4)      Hold your hair into three sections and use ponytail holder for aid

5)      Curl your hair using the curling iron

6)      When curling your hair, hold longer than 10 seconds to achieve tighter curls

7)      Attach bobby pins from your hair to the scalp

8)      Remove bobby pins after hair has cooled

9)      Use cool air to keep waves loos

10)  Use shine serum to add shine to your curls


These quick tips could help you get wavy hair very quickly. What are you waiting for? Don’t let your beauty stay intact. Let it all out in one go and you will see what it can do for you!


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      -Bria 6 years ago

      Great tips;)