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Beaded Braid - Super Cute

Updated on March 18, 2012

Beaded braid

This is so simple, yet super cute!

Comb out the hair you'll be braiding.

1st Seperate a small section.

2nd Seperate the small section into three pieces for braiding.

3rd Start braiding at the very top of the section of hair. Braid all the way down to the very end of the hairs. The very ends can be tricky to braid. Take your time and you'll get it! :)

4th Take a piece of foil about 1 inch by 2 inchs and lay the end of the braid on it lengthwise halfway.

5th Bend the foil in half upwards over the ends.

6th Fold the right side of the foil over, now fold the left side over.

7th Now roll the foil in you fingers to make it tubular.

8th Take some beads (2, 3, 4, however many you want) and thread them onto the foil, sliding them up over the foil.

9th After all your beads are on, fold the foil upwards halfway and slide the beads back down just to the end of the foil which will hold the beads on because of the bend at the very end.

10th Your done!!

You can make several strands or just one, what ever you like. Try all kinds of bead styles like wood, plastic, seashells, etc. They're all super cute!

Beaded Braid


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