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Beard Grooming for Restaurant Staff

Updated on October 27, 2016


If you work in a restaurant there are high chances that you want to know how to groom your beard. You may also be reading this if you are preparing for an interview in a restaurant. Whichever is the reason, I am going to help you groom your beard and outstand anyone anywhere.

The same way a dressing code is important in a restaurant, beard grooming is equally significant. You want to ensure that your customers are not scared by your looks. We all know of beards that can make you want to run. A well groomed beard is a sign of good hygiene and sanitation.

While it is crucial to ensure that the employees feel comfortable at work, it is important that you create policy on their dressing code. You just have to be firm and tell them that an untidy beard is not acceptable at the workplace. Otherwise they will not take you seriously and your business may go down.

Here are a few tips for you if your workplace allows you to keep a beard. I hear there are people who cannot work in a place where sporting a beard is not allowed. You are lucky if your boss allows you one.

Ensure that the length of your beard is reasonable

A beard that is too long may not only be unattractive but may also bring a lot of negative attention in the workplace. It is therefore important that you keep your beard trimmed and groomed at a reasonable length. No one wants beard falling in food while cooking or during service.

I have also observed that people with very long beards at restaurants are not taken seriously. If you are not taken seriously, then there are slim chances of a possible promotion or a better job elsewhere. Who doesn’t want a better pay?

A waiter on duty
A waiter on duty

Trim your beard according to your face shape

While one person may look professional in a beard, another may look silly. Why? It’s because the silly looking guy may not have considered his face shape. Many people tend to overlook this factor. If you know your face shape, you will groom the beard accordingly and you will look professional. Here are some ideas for various face shapes.

  • Square face and round face – keep the beard hairs fuller on the sides and longer on the chin. It gives your face a long look.
  • Rectangular and oblong face – unlike the square and round faces, you keep the sides full and the bottom shorter.
  • Oval face – these people are lucky as any style goes well with them.

If you don’t know your face shape, there’s a lot of information online for that.

Choose the  right beard style for your face
Choose the right beard style for your face

Wear a beard net

Yeah there are beard nets all over. The same way there are hair nets for the kitchen. Okay, I must admit that beard nets look totally funny. The first time I saw them, I couldn’t help laughing at the chef. Luckily he didn’t take it personally.

The health department agrees that hair nets are effective and they are 100% for them. However, kitchen workmen find the uncomfortable and some even say that they are disturbing. A chef once told me that once you get used to wearing one, you will not find it uncomfortable. You can quote me on that.

I think beard nets have limitations. While it looks funny on a chef in the kitchen, it looks even funnier on a waiter walking around the restaurant.

A restaurant employee wearing a beard net
A restaurant employee wearing a beard net

Ensure that your beard is well groomed

You see how they say that anybody can make a baby but it takes a real man to be a father? The same case applies to a beard. A beard requires constant attention and time to look good and grow healthy. You have to pamper your beard with good beard oils, good shavers and even moisturizers. Here is a list of items you might need for your beard;

  • A good trimmer – a good blade will give you a good shave while a blunt one will make you keep scratching. It’s not a good image for customers if you keep scratching your beard from time to time.

  • Beard oil – some people tend to ignore the importance of a good beard oil. The truth is, without good beard oil, your beard will never look presentable at the workplace. Apply beard oil every day after cleaning your beard.

  • Beard comb – this one helps you tame ingrown hairs. It also helps your beard to grow in a good direction therefore enhancing a professional look at the workplace. Some people prefer beard brush which works as well as a beard comb. I discourage using your hairbrush/comb to brush your beard. The hairs on your head are different from those on your chin.

Face shapes and corresponding beard styles

Face Shape
Beard style
Square face
Beards should be fuller on the sides and longer on the chin
Rectangular face
Full beard on the sides and shorter hair on the chin
Oval face
Any beard style, depending on your personality
A cool bearded chef
A cool bearded chef

How often should you clean your beard?

Are you wondering how often you should clean your beard? Although we insist on proper hygiene, cleaning your beard everyday may not be advisable. It slows down growth and weakens the hairs especially when harsh chemicals are used. Ensure you wash it like three times a week. That works just fine.

Maintain your neckline

What does a neckline have to do with a beard, you wonder? If you have unsightly neck hair, then you will lose your official and professional look. How do you ensure that your neckline is good to go? Place your index finger below the chin and shave anything that is beneath it.

After that, when you look straight into a mirror, you should see no neck hairs. Using an electric razor does the trick most of the time. Remember not to overdo it or you will get pimples all over.

It may seem like too much work at first but you will get used to it in the long run. Remember, a well groomed beard will give people a good idea about you and your personality. It is how you make your first impression.

Does your employer allow you to grow a beard?

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