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Bearpaw - A Buyers Guide

Updated on January 25, 2012

Brand History

Bearpaw was launched in 2011 by Tom Romeo. Tom had a vision; this was to redefine casual footwear by using sheepskin. Sheepskin naturally regulates the body’s temperature meaning your feet stay cool in hot conditions and warm in cold conditions. As well as this, Bearpaw boots are stylish and comfortable, you can wear your boots all day long whilst remaining totally cosy. The sheepskin footwear market is a crowded one, aware of this Bearpaw has created their own niche by providing customers with comfort and sensibility to stand out from the crowd. From casual footwear to slippers only the best quality materials are used to create Bearpaw products. Collections such as Classic, Boutique and Tahoe make up the product range. Boutique styles include designs with eye catching silhouettes in stunning shapes and exotic materials. Bearpaw footwear is now seen as a lifestyle, the shoes you wear reflect who you are and what’s important in your life.

Charity and Sustainability

Bearpaw are heavily involved with charity work. Their employees are involved in their communities and philanthropic programs that make a big difference to the lives for those less fortunate. Employees constantly volunteer their times and effort at many community projects. Programs which they are involved with include the National Odd Shoe Exchange which originally was an organisation created as a support for polio survivors, however now it is no longer disease specific. It supports people with a variety of different conditions and acts as a source for those requiring single shoes or pairs of different sizes.

As part of Bearpaw’s sustainability program they recognise the importance of being responsible when it comes to the environment and making the world a better place. ‘Greener Living’ has been created which is a team of employees who set an example to others regarding recycling and emphasising the importance of being responsible with energy throughout their offices and homes. As well as this Bearpaw communicate this philosophy with their suppliers and provide them with ideas on how they can participate and help meet their objectives.

Collections & Hot Picks

We’ve picked a style from each collection that we think will be huge this season. The Classic Collection features styles that are versatile and comfortable and are designed with genuine sheepskin linings, high quality suede uppers and stylish knit uppers. The outsole features durable rubber for long lasting tread and secure fitting. The Classic Collection features the perfect shoes for combining style and comfort. We specifically love the EVA boot which is available in three heights, has uppers and a sheepskin/wool lining. The sheepskin footbed is extra soft on the soles of your feet keeping them cosy and warm. The Tahoe Collection features sporty styles that are perfect for walking through the snow and into an idyllic ski lodge. This collection is characterised by external furs and sporty outsoles, styles and rugged, warm and keep you looking chic as you transition from cold weather function to mountain lodge fashion. Our favourite style Altai is made from suede and sheepskin and has a wool lining. The boot also features a TPR outsole which offers superior comfort due to its flexibility. It is also washable and extremely durable so you can rest assured these boots will be practical in all weather conditions. We absolutely adore the children’s range of boots called Pawz Infants. The miniature sized booties are ultra-cosy and feature luxurious double faced sheepskin that surrounds your baby’s pawz keeping them warm and comfortable. The majority of Pawz feature Velcro closures, traditional laces or elastic collars to ensure a snug, proper fit. We especially like the maple boot which features double faced sheepskin with a suede outsole and exposed sheepskin cuff.


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    • Pinkchic18 profile image

      Sarah Carlsley 5 years ago from Minnesota

      I own a pair of Bearpaw's and they are wonderful. So comfy, and affordable too. Love it! Nice hub.