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Beautiful Espadrilles

Updated on November 27, 2016

Espadrille is a french word which means "shoes". It is a footwear which is made of JUTE sole, a soft, green and edible plant, that is spun into a coarse, strong threads through the process of retting, and a cloth or fabric upper part that has the variety of designs.

Espadrilles can be worn on any casual and formal occasion. There are many designs and colors to choose from in any leading stores and shoe outlets. Men and women can both wear Espadrilles. It is likable for its comfort, durability, and stylishness.

Types of Espadrilles

  • Flat/Conventional Espadrilles

These are the shoes which have no heels and the most common of all. It normally has 1-2 inches sole.

  • Heeled/Wedge Espadrilles

This is the Espadrilles that have elevated sole and also serves as a heels for the shoes.

  • High Heeled Espadrilles

This is kind of Espadrille is designed with high heels. The jute is normally at the front soles only and the heels is made of other materials like rubber, wood and the most common of all is plastic because it is light-weight characteristic.

How to take care of Espadrilles

The sole of espadrilles are very delicate when not in proper usage it may cause sogginess and unravel. To maintain the look of your espadrille you have to be very patient in cleaning it. Its soles can unravel when you are not using the right tools for cleaning. The only way to clean your espadrilles are by hands. It cannot be cleaned using a washing machine for its soles are very delicate as I have said.

You can use an old toothbrush with soft bristles only. Wet the soles of espadrilles but be careful in doing that because it may cause the sole to sag and you will have difficulty to dry it off if the water goes into the whole sole. Scrub the soles lightly and careful not to brush too much for the color may fade. You can use a mild detergent with the toothbrush. You can also use a soft cloth for scrubbing and hang it to dry.

Jute twine
Jute twine

Best to wear during Summer!

Summertime is the best way to wear espadrilles. But it is now seen in various places and events whether casual or formal.That is how versatile espadrilles are. You can wear espadrilles with casual dresses or with ragged outfits. Below are the samples of espadrilles combined fashion styles.


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