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Beautiful Petite Models Part 1

Updated on May 11, 2011

A collection of Sexy Petite Babes

Isobella Jade
Isobella Jade

In this article I thought I would branch out into a unique area of female beauty modelling and spread it out into one or two collections. I am personally very inclined to believe the phrase 'Good things come in small packages', the majority of girls I have dated have been smaller than me and maybe it is just convenient for people to date other people of a similar height? I definitely think a lot of guys would agree with me that it feels more natural when she fits snuggly with her head on your chest.

Just to clarify, because there seems to be some misrepresentation of the word 'petite' out there, defines 'petite' as:


(of a woman) short and having a small, trim figure; diminutive.

Isobella Jade refers to taller models as Giraffes - Here we can see her pointing to one.
Isobella Jade refers to taller models as Giraffes - Here we can see her pointing to one.

Isobella Jade

 When researching for this hub, the first model I came across was Isobella Jade, she definitely looks sexy and I just had to include her in the collection, she has a handsome face and the enthusiastic smile to carry her to the top. She measures in at 5ft 4"  which makes her unsuitable for catwalk modeling, realizing this she made it her priority to educate other vertically challenged female models about the opportunities available for them within the industry. She noticed there was niche markets which could be exploited such as hair products, cosmetics and glasses, and she teaches other short models how to submit their applications via her website

Kelly Karloff
Kelly Karloff
Kelly Karloff
Kelly Karloff
Kelly Karloff
Kelly Karloff

Kelly Karloff aka 'Kelly Starr'

Kelly began her modelling career for Karmaloop street wear clothing website, and through numerous social networking sites such as Myspace and Facebook, promoting her modeling shots becoming an instant big name 'petite' model.

Kate Moss
Kate Moss
Kate Moss
Kate Moss
Kate Moss
Kate Moss

Kate Moss

I had to throw a household name in there somewhere and who better than the tasty blonde Kate Moss, also because I haven't mentioned many British beauties except for Emilia Fenton, I cant think of numerous ones including Catherine Zeta Jones who is Welsh and hails from my native country, however I like my articles to be original and not something somebody else has probably covered. Kate Moss is unusually short for a fashion model, 5ft 6.5" which doesn't normally cut it with auditioning rules stating a minimum of 5ft 10".

Winnie Oh
Winnie Oh
Winnie Oh
Winnie Oh

Winnie Oh

I couldn't find much background knowledge on this girl, but she is very prominent when searching through engines such as Google and Yahoo images, however I retained those images from I am trying to cover the whole spectrum with this collection, including White, Brown, Asian and Ebony.

I have three further models which I will be including in Part 2 so stay tuned, I have too many good pictures of the next three petite honey's which will Include Nicole Fox, Dakota Fanning and renowned singer Rhianna. I have resourced these photos extensively from reputable sources so I want to include the sexiest ones rather than shorten it down into one hub so my viewers can fully appreciate what I am shedding light upon.


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