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Beautiful Tall Women

Updated on April 9, 2011 flickr flickr

Natural Girls

OK, we all knew it was coming, its like yin and yang, I could'nt do a article about petite girls and not mention the opposite type of girl. Its not fair and shows a lack of appreciation for beautiful girls who come in all varieties. After writing my last few articles about intellectual subjects such as a documentary about Egyptian ship building skills and one on mastering your own realm, I have mentioned before that I like to wind down and why not? Im here to compete for readers. I know I have a regular following who appreciate these articles and the research i put into them rather than just listing a collection of photos with no captions or explanation, I don't respect that myself.

Im sorry if these photos aren't glamourous enough for everyone, but I try to use Flickr creative commons to avoid problems with copyrighted images, so its a bit of a struggle to find a large quantity. I probably could of researched 'tall models' on google first and then taken selected names and searched for them on Flickr, perhaps I will do a follow up article like I did with the Petite models part 2.

Although, I believe this collection is relatively good because it shows you beautiful girls in a less commercialised setting, I feel I can relate to natural girls more and findĀ  them more exciting for some bizarre reason. Again I have found a variety of different toned women, white, latina, chinese, brunettes and blondes. So without further-a-do I will talk you through what Ive found. flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr

Blonde Babes

The first five photos have been dedicated to blonde tall girls, as you can see I left the best until the latter photo, a incredibly sexy peacock out on the girl to the left, you can read more about these babes at the link provided underneath it. I found the first girl posing by the sea has the bulky figure, very sexy tanned legs!

Tall Brunettes flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr

Tall Brunettes

With the latter photos I really like the long socks/boots which accentuate the lovely legs on these girls, I'm sure you will appreciate this also. The last photo I included because of the luscious legs but also because I like the Japanese poster design, finding it artistic in a Graphic Design perspective.

Latina Tall girls flickr flickr flickr flickr

Tall Brunette Girls

Thats it for this collection! I hope you found this one a bit dfferent and it has shed a little light on the different varieties of girls out there! as if you didn't know. I included the last two because the first one reminds me of a girl I know, and I just love her deep set eyes, the viewpoint emphasizes her height also. The latter two photos, I also think the girl has a cute face with character, the tree photos were meant to make a statement about her height, find out more at the link I provided underneith them.


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