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Beautify your skin with home remedies

Updated on October 9, 2011

Beautiful skin has always a special attention. Its really improves your self confident and it always makes you beautiful. Every girl want a beautiful skin. Today me gonna tell you about some secrets of beautify your skin with home remedies.

Naturally we have four types of skin but we have thousands of problem. From acne problem to dark circle there is no end of skin problem.

Acne Solution :

Now firstly um gonna tell you about acne problem. Acne problem is natural in 15 to 23 ages. but some times it pains to much. Frndz there is a great solution for acne. Just use cinnamon powder with drop of lemon juice and honey and apply this paste in face for 25 minutes. Apply it for 15 days. Hope your acne will remove and your spot also. If you don't have any stomach problem then it will helps you very much.

Spot Problem

There is another major problem is spot problem in face. There is a very useful paste for oily skin. Make a paste of flour, honey, cucumber juice, drop of lemon juice, coll powder and mix this element. Apply this paste on your skin for 30 minutes. Then wash it with water. Apply this paste continually 15 days. Your spot will remove. For dry and sensitive skin this paste is also useful. But they have to use moisturizer after remove the paste.

Dark spot problem

Dark spot stays on your skin long time because of your skin cell doesn't change. Use cinnamon powder with drop of lemon juice and honey, and apply this paste on your skin for 25 minutes. It will remove your dark spot. But to reduce the spotted cell you have to use cucumber juice for 15 minutes daily for 15 days. You can make ice of cucumber juice and rub it on you skin for 15 minute. Your dark cell will remove and your dark spot will also remove.

Dark circle problem

Dark circle problem is another hesitating problem on our skin. Make ice of cucumber juice and roll on your eyes for 10 minutes. Potatoes juice are really helpful to remove Dark circle. Apply it 15 days hope you will get rid from your problem.


Frndz using home remedies for your skin care is really very good. But there are some another things to do for our skin care. We have to drink 10 glass of water in a day. We have to avoid oily food. But if you can turn your daily food diet in vegetable diet for 7 days in a month you will get beautiful figure with a beautiful skin.

Hope this will really work for you.


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