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Beauty At Home

Updated on September 12, 2011

Save Money Turning Sunday Into Spa Day!

In these economic times I find a day at the spa too costly. The last time I went to the beauty parlor I got stuck in traffic, came home late, and paid out too much cash. I hated my hair when she was done. I found it more relaxing to have the spa experience at home. Sunday has become my spa day. I set up an area of my home where I have access to a sink, a bathroom, and vanity dresser. You can try this at home as well. It is easier than you think.

First, set up shop. I have all the things I will need and enjoy on my vanity table right at my finger tips. Remember lotions, skin exfoliating products, a bundle of rolled towels, nail polish remover, color and cotton balls. Hang close by your table your favorite robe. I use white towels only so, I can bleach them later. Keep handy a bottle of jojoba oil and dead sea mineral hand lotion along with some exfoliation cream. Now is time to light a scented candle and get started.

The next step for me is to whiten my teeth while I listen to relaxation music. While my teeth are whitening I relax and soak my hands in a small bowl of olive oil. I have an electric massaging foot bath as well. I add epson salt and lavendar to my foot bath and relax my hands in the bowl of warm oilive oil. I do this all while listening to music and whitening my teeth. My greatest challenge is finding a few hours to do all of this.

Next, I color my own hair. If most women only knew how easy this is. Coloring my hair is so painless. That is something I have always done. I save hundreds of dollarsĀ each and every year. This is my process. I use Revlon Colorsilk hair color and treat my hair with jojoba oil after each coloring. Skip the high price brands. This works the best. Otherwise, you are only paying more for a fancy picture of a new model. Revlon color works great. I use jojoba oil to condition my hair. I find the jojoba oil has made my hair grow faster, thicker, and longer than it did 20 years ago. I apply strawberry blond haircolor to my roots and paint stripes of color down the sides with a paint brush. As long as my hair is, I never use a full bottle. When using any hair color please read the directions carefully. Follow the directions to the color you use and do not forget the allergy test. I bought a forceful massaging shower head for my hair rinsing. I leave my color for the full time before rinsing completely. This is the time to look at a magezine or read a book. Keep a dry wash cloth handy if the color starts to drip. All color can, even foam.

When my color is all washed out and conditioned, I rub jojoba oil on my palms of my hands and run it all through my hair. I do not wash it out. It is a natural plant based wax made in our country. It is great for my scalp.

Now, this is my time for a facial. I use an exfoliating scrub and rince it off well. Then I sit and relax with a good face cream application. After about 10 minutes I rinse off my face. I like products by Dead Sea Minerals. I love their light orchid hand cream for my neck and hands.

I finish the morning off with two coats of red apple colored nail polish. I paint my toes before my hands. That way I can wash my hands good before applying the polish to my fingernails. I find it best to always remember to add two clear top coats to finish the polish. Otherwise, you will find that polish chips after washing a few dishes.

This is a great time to read relax and prepare for the week ahead. Here is a few other tips. Hair color is one thing but, yourself. Skip the perm or the hair iron. To many chemicals and hot appliances combined will ruin your hair. Go with the look you enjoy and just have fun going spa at home. Best of Luck! Joanne Kathleen Farrell, author of Liberty For The Lion Shield.


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