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Beauty Enhancers, Falsies

Updated on December 19, 2012
Lid lowered
Lid lowered | Source
Side view
Side view | Source

Falsies, false eyelashes that is, are all the new rage or are they? Old Hollywood used them on their stars. Like weaves, wigs and hair extensions, false eyelashes have gone mainstream and become affordable.

They enhance the eyes, or can make them seem smaller. False eyelashes add a dimension to the windows of the soul that make the eyes to stand out, especially when a woman is striving to complete her look. Or up the ante...

Cosmetics or makeup was created to enhance a woman's beauty. Now a days it is used to transform a man into a woman or to make a woman even more beautiful looking, through techniques known as contouring and highlighting.

The magic has come down from the stage and screen and followed the everyday female into the street or their everyday life.

Drag queens and makeup artists have turned it into a science even though it is an artistic skill that we can all learn to our advantage, even if we don't master it, professionally.

Makeup is great for what it can do, but the truth of the matter is, it does not permanently change us or our appearance.

Yet, eyelashes add a new dimension to anyone's beauty. Especially when they have been put on correctly.

Like eyebrows frame the face, eyelashes frame the eye but if it is done wrong it can look cheap and cheaper, ruining the look a woman wants to achieve.

Everyday vs special occasions

Individual lashes, these are normally professionally done, time consuming and not really for any Jane or John Doe, but it can be mastered. The John or Jane Doe of everyday life can purchase them and depending on how well they are done can last longer than just one night.

When professionally done, individual lashes can cost the client a packet of cash. But they are known to look more natural, maybe?

Strip eyelashes, where hairs are placed into a strip of plastic making them one instead of many, prove to be the easiest way of applying false eyelashes. For the common everyday John and Jane Doe.

What you will need

  • Eyelash glue,
  • eyelashes
  • special tool, opt

Types of

  • Real fibers
  • Synthetic fibers

Reusable or Disposable

  • one time uses
  • ones that can be cleaned and re worn

Cheap or Expensive

Mass marketed or Custom

Latest inventions to lengthen lashes are mascaras that adds fibers to your lashes lengthening them with a lot less work. They seem simple. But are they effective is always the looming question.

Applying eyelashes


  • tool, opt
  • tacky glue, allow glue to dry a little before adding to lash line
  • hold ends, the ends tend to be the most difficult, so pressing them down helps
  • line with eyeliner, this adds to the blended look
  • measure & cut, customizing can make a lot of difference to how natural they look
  • shape - wiggling, bending the strip helps with the staying power
  • combing together, blends
  • mascara together, blends
  • & curl, blends

Removal - Taking the eyelash strip off is so much easier than putting them on

  • with wipes,
  • or petroleum jelly

Warning - too much glue leads to ugly, clumpy lashes the real ones and the fake ones.

Even with tools and pointers putting on falsies takes practice, but once the look you are looking for is achieved, va va voom!!!

My experience

It was not easy, period, but this was only my third time putting on false eyelashes. But i must admit i like the effect.

I cut, curled and struggled to make sure the glue adhered to my eyelid right at the lash line. Not easy but i know with practice by the time i do so again i will be more confident.

I counted 40 seconds before laying my custom lashes to my made up eyes. My left eye went on easily with little hassle, but OMG my right lash was such an issue i had to do my eye shadow again.

I refused to be beaten by that right false lash. I added extra glue, i removed, reapplied, pressed repeatedly and i was glad i did. They made me feel sexier, flirty and feminine, although i feel that way anyway when i am all dolled up, these just seemed to enhance the flirtatious feelings.

But they are work - at least at first! Practice makes perfect? And they are worth it! So try them, either for yourself or have someone do them for you.


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    • Celiegirl profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Hello ZRMoore, no problem! UR not by yourself. But like most things in life i have discovered these to can be conquered through practice, they are worth the struggle though. At least on special occasions! Thanks

    • ZRMoore profile image


      5 years ago

      I have the worst time putting on false eyelashes . I like the way they look ,but just can't get them on. Thanks for the tutorial.

    • Celiegirl profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Hello GracieLake - no, but the truth is i only like glam for special occasions, naturally inclined to dressing down...thanks!

    • GracieLake profile image


      5 years ago from Arizona

      Have you tried the semi permanent salon lashes? They are supposed to last 4 weeks or more. It seems like an affordable and easy way to avoid mascara and keep the glam look!


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