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Beauty Salon Names, 10 Things You Should Consider

Updated on July 9, 2012

We don’t live forever but the things we do and build sometimes lingers for generations. Have you ever thought about starting a beauty salon? I understand it is one of your most cherished dreams. A beauty salon that will change the rest of your life. Everyone dreams but there are very few who actually live their dreams. Let’s talk about the very first step of the beginning of your dream coming to reality, choosing a name for your beauty salon.

Yes, you may have thought about some beauty salon names. You may already have found a unique beauty salon name you like. But, let’s not be too hasty. Let us have a tour to all the aspects to consider for naming your beauty salon. You, of course, will choose whatever name you want people to call your salon. Only let’s find out why naming is so important and how it may affect your business in future.

Creating a Brand

Try to make your beauty salon name a brand. A brand that everyone trusts for high quality will help you to stand out from the crowd. That is what you should always target. Make sure you choose a name for your beauty salon that will keep its appeal for decades. The name shouldn’t offend any race or type of people.

Your business will prosper if you start to get permanent clients, especially if you are starting in a small neighborhood.

What to Focus when Naming Beauty Salons

That is a very big question. You can choose a name based on your neighborhood, the street, the market, your family name or the name of your dear ones. It is really up to you as to which one of those really moves you.

Should the Name Mean Something

Of course, not only beauty salon names but any name should mean something, even if it means your personal preferences. A meaningful salon name means a lot. There is a chance that your customers will talk about it. The meaning can be very simple or it can be a secret that only a few will know. The name shouldn’t offend other people. The name can be very precise, one example, ‘European Wax Center’, the name tells you all about the services they offer and the style.


Why not! It works most of the time. People love wired names. You should add a few wired ones in your list of beauty salon name ideas. Headhunters, Just A Little Of The Top, Hair Affair etc. are a few examples.

Big or Small

Beauty salon names should not be too big. One or two word is best. Although if you can find a catch phrase that is really catchy, then it’s another story. People don’t like to pronounce big names, so with a big name, you can expect people to call your salon in a shorter version which may not be of your liking.

Market Friendly name is everything, or is IT?

There are some common marketing ‘words’ that people often use. Quality, Best, Fine, Top, etc. are some words that may help in getting people’s attraction. Some say these words work as a subliminal message and works wonder to get you more clients. Do you want to add any of those to the name of your beauty salon? Your call!

Something Sweet

Beauty salon names should be sweet and easy to pronounce. Don’t name your salon Rumpelstiltskin. A sweet and catchy name will always help your clients remember your beauty salon and perhaps will encourage them to talk about your salon with your friends. When we talk, sometimes the easiest to pronounce name comes out first from our mouth. So, think about it.

Remember, name won’t make your beauty salon business popular, your hard work and good behavior will make the name of your beauty salon popular. Just make sure the name doesn’t ruin your hard work.

Putting you in the Name of your Beauty Salon

Yes, you should think about adding a bit of yourself in the name. The name can show your style, show what you want to tell people. Like I said before, you will die but your creation will stay. Why not put something in the name so people will remember you whenever they see the name. You will live in your creation, isn’t it a lovely thought. One example can be ‘Dyanna spa in New York’.

Beauty Salon Names can also focus on some special services that only you offer or the best in town. That will help you get some clients.

Think of the Future

I am sure you are not planning to start a beauty salon business on a temporary basis. Who knows it might become your family business afterwards. Your family members may get involved in your business. If that could be the case, try a name that reflects your family heritage.

Showcase your Services

You can tell people which services are best in your salon by putting them on the name. Example; ‘Name Spa and Massage Center’ or ‘Name Nail Salon and Spa’, Name Hair & Beauty Salon’ where you replace the word ‘name’ by your preferred name.

Now, that’s not all, you may have some of your own considerations. You can make a list of beauty salon names you like. Then make a checklist and see what qualities each of your preferred names have. From there make a shortlist and choose one that you like the most.

Sometimes you just have a name that you love so much. That may not be a good name for marketing or to fulfill other aspects mentioned here. But, if you have one, go with it, make it a brand. Name won’t make your beauty salon popular; it is your service that holds the key.


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    • profile image

      Amal 20 months ago

      Lucky n matching name for salon

    • profile image

      Paula 3 years ago

      My only son Jeff who is a special kid. I opened a salon n spa and named it PRINCE JEFFREYS

    • profile image

      joanne 3 years ago

      Reap&sow , Remember us

      Evergreen, Especially for you

    • profile image

      betty 4 years ago

      Some sweet name starting with pls

    • profile image

      Falak 5 years ago

      please provide me some name which starte from "R" or " N" of family parlour

    • pandula77 profile image

      pandula77 5 years ago from Norway

      Very useful suggestions for those who are at odd, when it comes to choosing the right name! Thanks for sharing. voted up!