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Beauty Secrets: Sandalwood Oil

Updated on March 30, 2014

Beauty Secrets from the Past

Every woman wants to learn about beauty secrets. And today, more and more women are interested in natural skin care. Ancient beauty secrets are becoming popular. How did Cleopatra and Nefretete look after their skin ? What healing plants and oils did they rejuvenate their skin with ?

Sandalwood Oil has been used as a secret ingredient in many beauty treatments in Old India. The knowledge, healing and rejuvenation capacity of this luxurious oil of Sandalwood Oil didn’t just stay in Inida. Egyptians used it as part of their luxurious beauty regimens. They considered it a sacred oil and therefore also used it It for embalming the dead. But the people of the past didn’t appreciate the precious oil just for its beautifying and anti-aging qualities.

Today we know a lot more about Sandalwood and its precious oil. Easing a wide range of physiological and psychological stresses and clearing up skin conditions it has become very popular, especially in aromatherapy, ranging from scented candels all the way to skin lotions.

Sandalwood Oil

The genuine essential Sandalwood oil is obtained from the white and yellow Sandalwood, native to Eastern India. Because Sandalwood is one of the most luxurious oils, there are many shady dealers out there trying to sell imitation or cheap oils claiming it to be pure Sandalwood Oil. The true oil can only be obtained from trees that are at least 30 years of age. So per year, only about 1000 tonnes of oil are produced, which naturally make this a very precious and expensive oil. It has a distinctive fragrance. Its aroma is fragrant, velvety and warm.

Sandalwood Oil has been shown to be a very effective remedy for acne, oily or dry skin. It offers the skin its needed balance to relieve such symptoms. Massage the affected area with only a drop of oil. If your skin itches due to an insect bite or an allergic reaction, you may apply very little oil to the affected area.

How to use Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood Oil also makes a great moisturizer for your entire skin. Use a carrier oil such as pure Almond Oil at a ratio of 75% almond oil and 25% Sandalwood Oil. Don’t towel off completely after your shower or bath. Put a few drops of oil onto your hands and massage it into your body. The oils will penetrate deep into the layers of your skin and leave it soft and moisturized (not oily) for a long time. Make sure though that your skin is still slightly moist when applying the oils. This combination also makes a wonderful massage oil. Almond Oil gives the skin moisture and nutrition, Sandalwood calms down and rejuvenates from the inside to the outside.

Sandalwood Oil has a very warm scent which will help balance the inner being. It helps us relax and find harmony again. Try Sandalwood Oil after a long day at work and let the oil and its light scent do its magic. Or have a caring friend give you a soft face, neck and shoulder massage letting you absorb and inhale the powers of Sandalwood Oil. To guarantee results make sure you only use pure oil from Eastern India. Anything else will not offer you the results.


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