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Beauty Tips: Benefits of Sunflower Oil

Updated on August 9, 2016
Sunflower Oil Benefits
Sunflower Oil Benefits | Source

I never really knew what sunflower oil brings until someone gave it as a gift for my baby few months ago. After reading the back part of the bottle, I've found out how amazing it does not just to adults but also to babies' sensitive skin. It is all natural and safe plus its moisturizing property is just one of many uses of this oil. Scroll down for more beauty benefits of sunflower oil.

Benefits of Sunflower Oil To Your Skin

Protection for babies - Sunflower oil is rich in vitamins A, C and D which helps protect the skin of babies especially the newborn one's sensitive skin in which they are more vulnerable to skin infections.

  • It is loaded with essential fatty acid which is easily absorbed making your skin and hair moisturized and conditioned. This oil suits for both dry, oily and aging skin.
  • Anti- aging through bathing- Soaking in a warm bath made with sunflower oil helps ease physical and mental stress from you thus, helps reduce and slow down the signs of aging. Just pour a cup of this oil into a warm and relaxing bath and soak for half an hour or more. This will help make your skin soft and supple and open up the pores allowing oil to soak deep within your skin so the vitamins can rejuvenate and brings back the youthful glow in you.
  • This is also an excellent treatment for acne because of the vitamins and the natural presence of carotenoids that helps form a protective fence on the skin. Apply sunflower oil on the affected area after using facial cleanser to keep bacteria out of skin pores and at the same time help moisturize your skin.
  • Exfoliate your skin using sunflower oil together with sugar by making homemade sugar scrub. To do this, just simply combine 3 -5 tsp. of sugar (white, washed or brown) with 2-4 tsp. of sunflower oil, enough to make a heavy or thick mixture. Wash your face with warm water and soak the mixture unto your skin for about 10- 20 minutes. Rinse after with water and pat dry with clean towel. You'll feel soft and smooth skin after that as the oil removed the dead skin with the help of sugar and penetrates deep within the new layer of the skin.

Here are more of the benefits of sunflower oil:

  • It helps soften and lighten your dark underarms- Sunflower oil won't work overnight but you'll see significant difference as time goes by.
  • Lightens your dark or chapped lips as it exfoliate little by little
  • Helps lighten under eye circles
  • Also prevents or lessen the appearance of stretch marks- trust me it works.
  • Helps lighten dark spots and pimple marks and scars
  • Helps remove makeup
  • Moisturizes dry ends of your hair adding shine to your dull hair
  • Moisturize and softens foot and your hand in hard areas
  • Helps relieve itchy scalp
  • Soothes and smoothen your skin from shaving often

There are many more uses of sunflower oil out there and these are just few of them. I always have this at home and trust me, it works! It's easy to find in supermarket, cosmetic stores or even online if you don't have time or to avoid hassles. Looking forward for significant results after you use this all natural product. Talk to you soon guys!


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