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Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

Updated on September 19, 2012

Alright girls pay attention. This hub is going to have all the beauty secrets you want to know about. You will learn how to accentuate all the features you didn't know you had!

Now keep in mind when it comes to make up it is supposed to accentuate your great features. Not hide them. You don't want to waste a lot of time trying to cover up your face..just bring attention to the the more fabulous part of your face. Self conscious about your Nose? Then use make up to bring more attention to your eyes. Don't overdo eyes and lips then your look is just overdone. If you wear eyeliner, mascara blush foundation and eyeshadow everyday you are really overdoing it!. Most days all a teen needs is a great mascara, lip gloss and a concealer.

too much make up can make you look foolish
too much make up can make you look foolish

Ok when thinking about makeup keep in mind that Less is more!. You don't want to cover your entire face with gobs and gobs of foundation. You will end up looking like.. well check out the picture.... Now less is more. You may as a teen want to skip out on the whole foundation thing. If you want a cover then try a sheer tint or liquid makeup or a loose powder. Make sure you match up the color to your skin tone. with Liquid tint iit is not easy to go wrong since the tint mixes in with the natural; color of your skin. If you like the powder it is important to get a shade close to your so that you won't appear to dark or pasty faced.

Now if you want to cover up those blemishes. that is OK, but never rub the concealer in. It is always best to pat in on. If you have acne and you want to do something about it then go to a dermatologist. It is the best and most effective way to fight acne.

The best Beauty tip for teens

Using make for the first time is exciting and I am sure you are anxious to start out with the latest trends. Start out with a trend yourself. Start creating a habit forming face washing ritual every day that will ensure your skin will be younger looking longer. You as a teen or tween have the advantage of learning from the older folk. If you do not get into good habits to take care of your skin now then you will regret it a later age.. really you will. The best advice that can be given to a teen is to wear protective sunscreen. Sure tans may be attractive but they do damage to your skin.. and it will show up later in life.

Take care to wash your face with a facial cleanser not the soap you use in the shower. Moisturize daily. It is also recommended that you use a weekly exfoliator, that takes off the dead skin cells. It is also reccomended that you use a refining mask to reduce the pore in your skin. Look for products that are oil free if you are prone to acne.

Also a note about eating right.  This is a great habit to start early on in life. Here are some top food picks to help you brighten and clear your skin.  Eat Tomatoes and eggs for protection form the sun.  Both contain lucintein that provides SPF of 3.  Eat Oily fish and Avocados. ( no this does not mean deep fried fish)  Both these items contain Omega Fatty three acids that are good for your heart and complexion.  Onions contain an ingredient that helps improve the quality of your skin.  and lastly and most obviously eat fresh fruits and vegetables as well as drink lots of water.

Skin Types

 Before you can decide on how to best clean your face you must decide on your skin type.  There are several types.  Oily, dry and combination skin.  the best treatment for an Oily skin type is anything without oils in it!.  It may also be best to get a clay masks to use once a week. Natural based clays work best in deep cleaning your pores.

For dry skin yo want to make sure you moisturize regularly.

Diet affects your skin

One way to have healthy looking skin is to work your way inside out! Eating the right foods can improve the look at feel of your skin. Some top foods to eat are things with antioxidants in it. Blueberries, beans, spinach and carrots are jsut some of the foods good for your skin. Nuts, salmon and whole grains are good for you as well.

Protect yourself from the sun

Tanning beds are not all they are cracked up to be! A lot of state legislatures are moving to ban teens from using tanning beds. There is no safe way to tan in a tanning bed. Stay away from overexposure to the sun. Harmful UV rays can damage your skin. Without the use of protection snot only do you increase your chances of skin cancer you increase the likelyhood of deep wrinkles and dull rough skin. Protecting your skin for the first 18 years of life can decrease your chances of some skin cancers by 78%! 90% of all cancers are caused by over exposure to the sun! So if you are going to be out in the sun be sensible. Grab some sunscreen and stay in the shade.

What sunscreen is best for you?

Look for one with protection form UVA And UVB

if you burn in 10 minutes choose an SPF of 15 or higher

If you have very fair skin an SPF of 30 is recommended.

If you are going to exercise than get a water or sweat resistant sunscreen.


Don't Smoke

Seriously.. don't. Smoking can dull your skin increase your wrinkles and is just overall bad for your health. Not to mention this is an expensive habit as well.If you want to rebel against your parents, go to school get a great job and then thumb your nose at them all you want. Smoking can cause sagging skin, poor skin tone and even those nasty looking lines around the lips. And this is only cosmetic things we are addressing. Smoking can lead to real cancer heart disease and so much more. So really.. don't do it. It is really not worth it.take a look at the adjacent picture. Can you guess which twin is the smoker?

 This last video is just to prove a point!  For you gals who think move stars and other celebrities look like well movie stars every day.. think again!.   Movie stars, singers actresses. they are are normal people just like you and I.  They don't just wake up picture perfect! Yes they look fabulous in make up.. but if you take look at the video below you will find many of then look just as fabulous without it!  Get my point?  True Beauty is inner strength and the real you.  No need to duplicate because you are one of a kind!......Enjoy :)

Celebs without makeup


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      the tyra banks tips are great

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      the tyra banks tips are great

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      Excellent tips for teens. Nice hub!

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      Interesting article which really talked more on the beauty tips for teenage girls,am sure this article is must read for all teenage girls who really want to look attractive.

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      The perception of girls beauty has changed over time. I recently watched a video. It shows how our thinking about a girl's beauty has been manipulated.

      here is the link for you also to have a look at.

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