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Beauty Without Cruelty! Cosmetics and Skin Care Products NOT Tested on Animals!

Updated on August 29, 2009

I love animals, therefore, when I hear of a skin care or beauty supply company that is "animal friendly" I like to spread the word. Beauty Without Cruelty is one such company! Founded in England in 1963 by Kathleen Long and Lady Dowding, Beauty Without Cruelty manufactures and distributes cosmetics that are NOT tested on animals and only contain natural ingredients (no animal products what-so-ever). Being one of the very first cosmetic companies to practice such standards, they have made quite a difference in the world of beauty products and have forced other companies to stand up and take notice!

Beauty Without Cruelty crossed the pond in 1989 and made a huge splash in the United States. They quickly became a leading brand in the world of cosmetics and soon developed a natural skin care line as well. Today, Beauty Without Cruelty sells all types of products including vegetarian skin, body and hair care products, a full color cosmetics line and an assortment of aroma-therapeutic oils as well.


Beauty Without Cruelty Blusher
Beauty Without Cruelty Blusher

Many Different Products! Animal Friendly, Of Course!

So, what types of products does Beauty Without Cruelty sell and where can you buy them? Well, my animal loving friends, Beauty Without Cruelty sells MANY different types of products (as mentioned above)…in fact, too many to mention each one individually. Therefore, I spoke with my wife and asked her to write down four of her favorite Beauty Without Cruelty products and why.

Organic Lavender Highland Hand and Body Lotion: My wife is a huge fan of lavender…so I should have known that she would choose this product as one of her all time favorites! Organic Lavender Highland Hand and Body Lotion goes on smooth and the scent is to die for! It works especially well on dry skin so she always has a bottle handy during the winter (she even has one on her desk at work). She especially loves the fact that the lotion absorbs quickly and doesn't leave an oily residue behind!

Satin Finish Blusher (Sun Gold): One of my wife's summer favorites (as I noticed she had this product with her when we were at the beach) Beauty Without Cruelty Blushers come in several, all natural colors (Sun Gold, Hot Chestnut, Rosette and Cranberry…just to name a few). According to my wife, BWC (Beauty Without Cruelty) blushers are all natural, easy to apply and look fresh and smooth on her cheekbones (she says her cheeks look as if they have been "kissed by the sun").

Facial Cleansing Milk: Ok, I admit it…I know nothing about cleansing milk…but obviously…my wife does as this product was on her list of Beauty Without Cruelty favorites! Extra Gentle Facial Cleansing Milk cleans and soothes your face without drying it out. It is a great way to rid your skin of dirt and other impurities! My wife uses BWC Cleansing Milk at the end of the day to remove her make-up and in her own words….."loves the way it lathers…rich and creamy!"

Lip Gloss: Yes, Beauty Without Cruelty even has a line of lip gloss (and of course, my wife is a fan). BWC Lip Gloss comes several colors such as coral mist and golden sunset. My wife claims that the gloss goes on smooth and doesn't feel "globby and sticky." Is globby a word? If not, I apologize! Anyway, BWC Lip Gloss is long lasting and brushes on with a pen applicator. Not only does it protect your lips throughout the day….it makes them shine (and that, my friends, is what lip gloss was meant to do!).

Check Them Out!!!

If you are an animal lover or simply feel that it is not necessary to test cosmetic products on animals, then you MUST check out Beauty Without Cruelty! They have been around for a LONG TIME, stand behind their products and have made a huge impact on the lives of many (animals and people alike!). The best place to find Beauty Without Cruelty Products is on the world-wide web, however you can also find them at many natural food retailers. In my opinion, wearing make-up is a choice. Why should animals suffer in order to create the perfect eye shadow or nail polish? Simply put, they shouldn't! Here's to Beauty Without Cruelty for creating a trusted and wonderful cosmetic line and for saving the lives of many of our four-legged friends!


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