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Beauty by the Signs

Updated on August 1, 2010

Knowing your astrological sign can give you a great insight into how to pick the right makeup.  Follow the tips below to give yourself the best makeup make over yet!  For a totally unique look, blend tips from your Rising Sign, Sun Sign, and Moon Sign.  This will give you a signature look that is going to amaze you.


Aries ladies are leaders, movers and shakers.  Going bold and flamboyant is your birth right.  You are a trend setter, not a trend follower, so don't worry so much about "What's hot and What's Not", pick your own.  Go for bold primary colors, you'll carry them well.


You are deep and sensitive.  Wear earthy, yet darker colors.  Instead of cotton candy pink, go for a warm brownish mauve for lip color.  Stick with classic, natural colors and styles to fit your look to your personality to perfection.


You never know which "Twin" is going to come out and play.  Keep a variety of colors on hand to fit your many moods.  You can pull off going from a darker look to something more conservative and natural like no other sign can do.


You're loyal, nourishing personality calls for comfort colors.  You can opt for soft pastels if you have paler skin, or medium colors if your skin is darker.


Let them hear your roar.  You have a glamorous countenance.  Classy and bold colors are great for you.  Rich golds, ambers, and wine colors are going to highlight the lioness in you.


You are an earth mama.  Mineral earth tones, bronzers and the natural look is your calling.  Dress it up with some sheen sometimes for a special look.


You are classic elegance.  Taupe eye colors and muted red lips is a look that is most becoming on you.  While it may be a dull look for others, you carry it off like royalty.


Watch that sting!  You can go smoldering and smoky, but watch that you don't get too much on the harsh side.  You need a bit of softness to balance out your dramatic flair, so smudge those grey and smoky eye colors and keep the lips on the browner side of the red spectrum.


Your independent streak is evident.  While you are not the trend setter that Aries is, you can still set your own style instead of following the pack.  Earthy color mauves, purples, and plums will compliment your adventurous yet slightly removed personality.


You’re no nonsense approach calls for no nonsense makeup.  A bit of mascara and light lip gloss and your ready to hit the road.  Sweep a shade of peachy colored eye shadow and lipstick on for special events.


Your free spirit calls for some fun and festive styles.  Add some blues, greens, and sparkle to your look.  Out of everyone else, you can carry off a bit of a punk look too, have fun!


You are tuned in to things that escape most others.  Celebrate your spirit with purple, peaches and pinks.  You are the only one that can blend that look for the most alluring effect.


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    • HappyHer profile image

      Tracy Morrow 7 years ago from Cleveland, OH

      Hey G! Thank you for your kind words! I feel like I'm bombarding you all today. I've been sitting on this though and want to make some headway this week before my book comes out as that will take some time away...

    • HappyHer profile image

      Tracy Morrow 7 years ago from Cleveland, OH

      Hi Billy! Just take the color suggestions and apply them to what color clothes you pick out. Earthy colors for earthy signs, blues/greens for water signs and bold colors for the fire signs!

    • GPAGE profile image

      GPAGE 7 years ago from California

      HH! Man, you are on a roll with all of this great information!!!!! I have sent quite a few to you and your articles on beauty. LOVE it! Since I am an Aries, I never follow trends and I do like to "change it up" once in a while! Like wear a bit "more" then usual because most of the time I keep it pretty natural......

      Anyway, always enjoy your attitude and great information in your writing! And thank you for inspiring me and always being there for me!

      Best, G

    • billyaustindillon profile image

      billyaustindillon 7 years ago

      Be interesting how these beauty of the signs tips apply to men.


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