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Beauty in Al-Andalus.

Updated on March 25, 2015

The ideal body.

Ibn Hazm relates in his book "The Ring of the Dove" that the Andalusian like women wide hips but narrow waist, whose gait was slow and swaying. As for the breast, it appears that disliked too large. The doctor Arib Ibn Said has left us a recipe to prevent breast grow too much and to be implemented during adolescence.

"In order to prevent the breasts are too big are untarĂ¡n with iron slag and rose oil. Cumin is crush, it was kneaded with water and placed all with a bandage. You are also covered with pieces of linen submersed in vinegar and they bandaged for 3 days, after you remove the bandage and bulbs of white lily be crushed with vinegar and water and bind with this too, for 3 times a month. 2 grindstones with vinegar is keep pushing and, as described above, will be applied to the breasts every day and will be effective ".

Personal hygiene.

Free Muslim woman invariably wore long hair, she wore two strands of shorter hair, and curled to frame her face.

The Andalusian women put rouge on the cheeks. The colored cheeks were noted on a clear complexion with freckles and blemishes, fine milled complexion. They wore makeup eyes with Kohl or antimony sulfide. We also noticed that the Andalusian women decorated their hands and feet with henna.

As for body hair, have a recipe to control excess thereof, especially in two areas: underarms and the pubis. These body parts should be rubbed with an ointment based root pepper, alum, rose water and vinegar. It was an inhibitor of hair growth that should be applied at puberty. A treatment to remove consisted beautiful lime spread on the body alive, ant eggs, cooking oil frogs or salamanders, wash the area to be waxed with borax and asfa.

Regarding women's private parts, there are recipes designed to prepare women for sexual intercourse and make it more enjoyable, it pays special attention to moisturize and tighten the vagina.


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