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Beauty in Simplicity-wearing for comfort

Updated on July 5, 2010

They say that “there is beauty in simplicity” and nothing proves this truer that wearing something you are comfortable with.

For the ladies this could be wearing a skirt that you don't need to keep on pulling down with every step you take or when you sit down or a top with the buttons straining to pop at the chest.

A well fitted skirt or top better yet a suit will go along way to boosting confidence especially in the case of job interviews and avoid distractions thus give one the ability to concentrate on more important issues like selling your self to get that job other than who is noticing how uncomfortable you are.

With weight concerns plaguing every waking thought of most, and nothing makes this a more troubling issue than trying to fit your self in clothes a size too small or a size too large to hide your body or on what’s the latest fashion regardless of whether the designs suit you.

When focus is shifted from what size a person is, to what clothes fit best to your body type at any given time, then you will find that one is able to make wise purchases that don't end up in the back of the closet.

Therefore the challenge is to always invest wisely in clothes that you can see yourself wearing frequently just as much as those that make your feel like you can conquer the world because of how well they fit.


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