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Beauty tips using Bengal Gram ,Green Gram & Almonds (Indian traditional way)

Updated on July 12, 2016

Bengal Gram,Green Gram & Almonds

How to make the Natural Facial pack

Every individual in this world cannot afford the Business class life as they wish in this world. In order to rectify it there are abundant methodolgies and ideas that can be followed in the are of Food,Health and Education.Indian methodologies and ideas have provoked Human life in ancient days in the area of Healthy living,Medicines, staying Fit and Beauty and Education. some of the ancient values of Kings have hidden in the society and hidden in the written books. one among the unrevelaed tip to skin is this to stay beautiful with this prepare this facial mask one should Take 100 grams of Bengal gram and 100 grams of Green gram and 100 grams of Almonds and grind it minutely and nicely. After that tale two to three teaspoons of that powder in a bowl and mix water and make it as a paste and apply to your face as Mask and leave it for 15 minutes before you go to bath or face wash. Try using this once in a week and you will see a Beautiful embracement on your face tones and glow.This methodoly should be kept in practice every week to stay shine.


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