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Beauty is in The Eyes of Society

Updated on March 12, 2014

Beauty is define as a pleasing quality associated with forms, shapes and colors that are pleasing to ones eye sight. Is beauty in the eyes of the beholder; and can any human define real beauty?

In to days society To be small and beautiful can enhance ones quality of life, giving one opportunities over others who wasn't bless with beauty.As women we fall into the role of letting societies define who we are.

Rich women and celebrities purchase expense make-up, boxto injections and surgery's things to maintain their beauty. Poor women who are are at a disadvantage because they can't afford the expense make-up or surgery's. So we look at the rich and famous with envy in our eyes.

I believe beauty is the old lady with wrinkles, who have lived a meaning full life or the old Afro American lady with beautiful large gray braid hanging down her back . Beauty comes in many shapes or forms, and is hidden within.


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    • bluebird profile image

      bluebird 3 years ago

      I appreciate you speaking out on this subject. You're right, beauty is more than skin deep. Beauty is in the spirit of an individual. The attitude of a humble person is so much more appreciated that one of a proud. Today's society is upside down and the beauty stars of today who are praised and adored need to be brought down a few notches, so that they can start to become beautiful inside. A serving and giving heart is a real treasure on earth.