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Eye Makeup Remover: Why You Need It

Updated on November 12, 2008

You know that saying about the eyes being the window to the soul? Well, they’re also the doorway to old age. Neglecting this part of your face can add a decade or two to your present age – even if you’re only in your twenties. So, unless you find crows feet becoming, now’s the time to start pampering your peeps.

This topic covers a lot of ground, but today we’re narrowing it down to eye makeup removal. Sure, it sounds simple enough. Splash a little soap and water on your face and be done with it, right? Erm, no. And most women know the cons of regular soap, so I won’t waste your time going on about it. Instead, let me just say that some of the well-known facial cleansers aren’t much better.

There are millions of products out there for cleansing the eye area. Trouble is, many of them are absolute crap. Believe me, I’ve tried loads of them. The truth is simple – you get what you pay for. You’re not going to find a high quality product in the grocery store. You won’t even find it in the drug store, unless they’ve suddenly started selling higher end products.

As for those all-purpose cleansers with labels claiming they’re safe to use on the eye area – don’t fall for it, sister. A quality product of this nature doesn’t exist. Not to my knowledge, anyway, and I’ve tried everything from Revlon to Helena Rubenstein. Sure, they do the job. Your eyes will be clean afterwards.

But you just might be looking like Gramma Bessie before you hit forty. So what’s the alternative? Apart from going to bed with raccoon eyes, that is? Simple. Start using a quality eye-makeup remover, and start using one now - no matter your age. And don’t whinge about adding a new product to your beauty regimen, either! These are your eyes we’re talking about! Crows feet and other wrinkles are not easily hidden, just ask your mother. It's not like those pesky spider veins around your ankles, you know. You can't just pull a pair of nylons over your head and pretend the old-age stick hasn't thumped you a few times. You can, however, limit the number of times you get swatted.

Are you with me? Good. Now, trek down to your local cosmetics retailer (Sephora, Macy's, Bloomies, Nordstroms, etc) and bring some waterproof mascara with you. Dab some on the back of your hand, and then gently test the eye cleansers they have available. We want something we can EASILY remove your makeup with. If you have to scrub, it’s not what you’re looking for. And remember, its not a magic wand - be sure to use it in a timely fashion. Don't go to bed with raccoon eyes and expect an easy removal after it gunks up over night.

By the way – do not use toilet paper when removing your eye makeup. It may feel soft on your derriere, but I promise it’s not going to help the aging process. Use a cotton pad specifically created for use on the eyes.

One final note before I go: adding an eye makeup remover to your nightly routine just might improve your skin, too. It’s not a cure for crows feet or wrinkles, so don’t expect a miracle. But it will absolutely hydrate the area, and, with regular use, could help conceal some of those lines. That alone makes it worth it!


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      9 years ago

      Great Hub!!! Thanks for the tip about the eye make up remover and especially about using cotton as opposed to tissue. Susan


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