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Lipgloss Is Better Than Lipstick

Updated on October 14, 2007

I’ve always loved browsing the lipstick counters – it’s like a big Crayola box just waiting for someone to play dress-up. Unfortunately, I have a smallish mouth. My lips are full, but the width is smaller than I’d like.

More unfortunately, lipstick draws attention to lip size.

At least, I think it does. Oh, I used to wear it, don’t get me wrong. I just had to prep with lipliner first, and that was just such a chore. I have very sensitive lips, and if I wanted to correct the lipliner even slightly, it would leave my lips red and puffy for several minutes.


Lipstick never lasts as long as the lipliner, either.

And I’m just not the type to re-apply it constantly. This is true of kissing someone, as well. The lipstick goes, but the liner remains. Not a very sexy look, particularly when most of the color winds up on your man.

Enter lipgloss.

A decade ago, I was pretty confident there weren’t any decent lipglosses out there. They just looked greasy and didn’t do a good job of coloring my lips. Chapstick would have been better – and more cost effective.

What I wanted, was a little color, but not too much. Something slightly transparent and close to my own lip color, so it didn’t draw too much attention. I just wanted a hint of sex appeal. Never did find the gloss…. until recently.

You guessed it, didn’t you? Lancome!

Yes, ladies, Lancome has a wonderful lipgloss called Juicy Tubes. They come in tons of colors, all of which are sure to please. What matters most, however, is these go on thickly. Not so thickly you are conscious of the feeling, though.

There’s no yuck factor here.

But they are thick enough to fill all the lines of your lips, giving them that silky satin look. A very high brilliance that borders on the wet look, but not so much it looks ridiculous. And you could always use less, if you if you just wanted a light gloss.

The tubes are pocket sized and all you have to do is open it and apply.

There isn’t a wand or anything else you have to fuss with. The applicator is flat and nicely shaped, making application very easy and convenient.

Personally, I use a color that is very close to my natural lip hue – this gives them a nice little boost which isn’t glaringly obvious, yet still gives you that girlie feeling you get when your lips have a nice shine.

Try it, you’ll like it!

xx Isabella


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