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A Red Hot Party Babe in a Red Dress

Updated on March 27, 2013

Red Party Dress

Become a red hot party babe with a sexy red dress. If you've got the figure for it, you've just got to wear this sexy red dress from Amazon. Red is a fantastic color that will make you stand out in the crowd and when accessorised with matching colors will make you look absolutely stunning!

The color red denotes passion, boldness, danger and traffic-stopping. Let that gorgeous person in red be you.

There are not many colors that go well with red, in my opinion. So, if you are going to wear an all-red outfit, accessorise it with either red, black or real gold jewelry.

I've looked around to see what is available to go with this fabulous red dress, and I've come up with the following items further down this page.

See what YOU think.

Little Red Dress

This Sexy Short Evening Club Cocktail Red Dress would be perfect for those long sultry nights of summer after a day's sunbathing around the pool or on the beach.

Made of lightweight polyester incorporating a little spandex to give it some stretch, this dress has a simple pull-on style with flattering side-rouching and is made in the USA.

This material does not need a press as it does not crease or wrinkle, and so can be be shoved into the smallest spaces in your suitcase, and will always look great when worn.

Some people have complained that this red dress is flimsy and that the side split is indecent as it goes almost to the waist, but it sounds perfect to me for holiday wear in a hot country, to cool you down naturally while heating up the blood of all that talent around you!

If you can wear the red bikini here, you will be able to wear this.

Available in sizes 5 - 12, these E 601Sexy Heel Knee High Strap-up Sandals will not only make you a massive 6 inches taller, they will elongate the muscles in your legs making them look even more slender than they undoubtedly are. Only wear them if you are confident you can walk in them. If not, choose a lower heel.

I would match this up with the La Regale Gathered Clutch Bag which is made from satin, and lined with satin.Features a snap-on closure and inside pocket. Comes with an 22" shoulder drop strap.


We all know you don't need to wear sunglasses in the evening, but sometime we might want to slip them on to give us an air of mystery, and this pair fits the bill exactly. The Electric Women's Mayday Sunglasses have polycarbonate lenses and are actually designed for "glammin' out".

Black Bangle

While any thick black bangle might do, knock 'em dead with this fabulous fashionable Calvin Klein CK Black Open Bangle Bracelet. Prove you are a lady of style as well as taste!

Black Necklaces

I couldn't decide between the 36" Black Kukui Nut Necklace Lei Chunky Bead hand-crafted by Filipino artisans from the fruits of the Lumbang tree, and favored by the rich and famous, or the Multi Strand Glass Bead Necklace which consists of 20 black Czech beads fastened with a brass clasp, as both will look stunning with your outfit. You decide.

Black Pearl Earrings

The PearlsOnly Black Freshwater Pearl Earring set in sterling silver is the only contender for matching earrings.

Black pearls are timeless and always in style. You will find yourself wearing them again and again, no matter what else you are wearing.

The above rings are all beautiful and self-descriptive. I would buy any or all of them to go with the above items.


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