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How to Become a Popular Beauty Guru on Youtube

Updated on September 1, 2014
Photo courtesy of BerrryyNice. I have permission to use this picture.
Photo courtesy of BerrryyNice. I have permission to use this picture. | Source

Becoming a Popular Guru on Youtube

Becoming a Youtube beauty guru can be fun! You get to talk to the world about your fashion, your makeup expertise, and as well as making videos with your friends. There are thousands of beauty gurus on Youtube trying get exposure to their videos but not everyone can fit in the first page on Youtube.

If you are a beginner or a guru that is having trouble to get more subscribers, then I hope these tips here will help you out. I am subscribe to many beauty gurus and it's not hard to figure out what they are doing to get more popularity. The more popularity you have the more opportunities and exposure you have with your videos.

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Pick Your Username for Your Youtube Channel and Social Media

Pick your username for social media, make sure it's a name that is unique and want to represent yourself. Try to stay away from names that are difficult to spell and that are difficult to remember. Sometimes people would want to search you up if they want to see your videos, and if they can't remember or spell your username right, then you lost a viewer.

Try to use that username in all your social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. That way the name would be come more familiar to your subscribers and followers. When they see your username popping up in their homepage, they would most likely go and see what you're up to.

Do not change your username often as you might totally disappear and your followers would have trouble finding you. They would not hunt you down, they would simply move on to the next beauty guru.

Be Yourself, Not a Copy of Someone Else!

If you watch youtube videos then you probably figured out this one. Many beauty gurus copy other popular gurus attitude which causes them to look kind of fake. Do not copy someone else attitude. BE YOURSELF instead, not everyone enjoys those wacky gurus- many viewers like videos that are straight to the point.

Be nice and friendly, make sure it comes from your heart instead of faking it. Talk to the camera as if you were talking to your friends. Do that on your videos and in social media.

If someone follows you on social media, return the favor as if they were your friends. Being a guru is not about getting many eyeballs to your videos but of your viewers getting to know you.

Be unique overall, the more unique you are the more subscribers you would get. Just because all the beauty gurus on Youtube make "Augusts Favorites" does not mean you have to. Brainstrom, what are other good videos you can make?

One Popular Beauty Guru Would Tell You How it's Done!

Have Quality Videos on Youtube

If you want to have more people subscribe to your channel the quality of your videos need to be good. Nobody likes to watch videos where there is poor lighting, a boring room with nothing to look at, and/or blurry image.

Invest into a good camera and lighten, if not possible then try to film close to a window to get as much as sun light possible. Make sure when you film, your room is clean. You would look more organized and approachable.

What are Some Cool Tips for Youtube Beauty Gurus?

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