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Finding the Right Shade of Beige Lipstick for You

Updated on October 1, 2010

Whether to Choose Cool or Warm Beige Lipstick

Finding a perfect shade of lipstick for yourself is never a fun experience. Finding the perfect shade of beige lipstick can be an even more challenging endeavor. This is because beige is a relatively neutral color, but whether it's more gold or more blue will decide whether the color is warm or cool.

The truth is that unless the color is a perfect neutral, all beige lipstick or lip gloss will always tend towards warm or cool. This is the case with all colors and all shades of lipsticks. The problem is recognizing which is which.

A good way to tell if your skin is warm or cool toned is to think of what colors make you look healthiest and most colorful. If light and icy shades of blue, pinks, or yellow look great on you, you can wear your hair jet black or pale blonde, then you are most likely cool toned. If you look better in olive greens, red-oranges, warm browns, and look good with your hair golden blonde, auburn, or deep rich brown, then you are most likely warm toned.

The same holds true for beige lipsticks. While going to your local department store and visiting a make-up booth will help you decide if you're cool or warm toned immediately, you are going to find the best ranges of beige lipstick colors and prices online.

Reasons to Choose Beige Lipstick

Once you've decided if you're warm or cool toned, then you are ready to start searching for beige lipstick online. A good helpful hint is to pay attention to beige lipstick or beige lip gloss names when you're looking. Champagne beiges or golden beiges usually indicate warm shades of beige lipstick, while rose beige or icy beige will indicate cool tones of beige lipstick or beige lip gloss.

Colors of lipstick named perfect beige or perfect neutral are most likely just as they say and are bound to look great on any skin tone. These are a great way to tell if the color is right for you.

While there are cooler and warmer variations for every beige lipstick, it is important to remember that beige overall is a very neutral color. You will not look pale or scary if you normally wear cool tones of make-up and the shade you're wearing is warm. Out of all colors of lipstick, beige is sure to make you look great.

One thing to consider though is darkness of the beige lipstick or lip gloss. If you're lighter skinned, then opt for a deeper shade of beige, so you do not look washed out - although this can be a great look with a silver or black dress and smokey eye make-up. The sky's the limit when it comes to beige make-up, so it's up to you. In fact, the deals are so good online, that buying a few shades of beige lipstick for different occasions is never a bad idea.

You can purchase beige lipstick at and eBay for low prices.

Beige Lipstick

Beige lipstick
Beige lipstick


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