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Amazing Manicures done by a Guy!

Updated on May 20, 2015

Manicures and Pedicure

Matte finished nails and yellow polished toes
Matte finished nails and yellow polished toes

My only bad habit per say

I was never a vain person. I usually don't care how my hair looks, or if my clothes don't really match or if I have no make up on. I really just didn't care. However when it comes to nails it's a different story. My nails always have to be perfect. Finding a nail technician who would not cut and bleed me to death took some time but I found him. Yes a him! he is awesome. Very light hands and what an artist with polish.

I usually just tell him what design I want and presto! I have the most amazing manicure and pedicure. Absolutely talented! I just love it when my nails come alive looking absolutely clean and pretty.

What's a bonus is he does home service. I don't even have to pay a fancy nail salon tons of money to get pretty nails. Some may wonder how this is possible, well it is easily achievable here in the Philippines.

Here it would only cost me about $10 to get everything done (foot spa includeed)! I'm sorry if some our deeply envious about it, but hey it is more fun in the Philiippines!


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