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Bella Terra Mineral Foundation, The Best I Have EVER Found

Updated on January 17, 2015

Growing up: A girl obsessed with makeup

Before I even hit puberty, I was obsessed with always having makeup, face wash, clearasil, and everything that might have improved my poor acne ravaged face. I got it from my dad, who wasn't a bit embarrassed about his pockmarked mug, but it was the bane of my existence and I probably would have robbed, threatened or killed for the newest "heavy coverage" product advertised back in the '70s and '80s. I'm sure they didn't help my skin much. My hormones finally abated and my skin cleared up but my love of make up, well I never grew out of that. I've tried every powdered foundation there is, no matter how expensive, and It always (mostly) looks fine when you put it on, but it just doesn't hold up so good, or it doesn't look as dewy as liquid foundation. Well I lucked into a deal on a shopping site that offered me $200 worth of Bella Terra cosmetics for $50 and I bit. I have to admit, I hadn't heard of Bella Terra, it wasn't one of those drug store names, but I watched a couple of reviews about their products, and , satisfied enough, I placed my order.

Bella Terra All Natural Mineral Foundation

The Price was High, But you can get it Cheaper on Amazon

I chose a color for my light warm skin (nutmeg) and one for my daughter's cool fair skin (Ultra) by using the charts available. If you are going to buy yours from Amazon I would suggest you visit the website first to determine your best shade, they have plenty of them. Eight grams costs about 60 dollars on but I found some for about half that on Amazon, and if you consider that department store powdered foundation costs at least 15 dollars, for a frequently chalky, not long lasting finish, you will agree that the extra 15 bucks to look SOOOO good is definitely worth it. I couldn't stop staring at my skin in the mirror after I put on this foundation. The website suggests that you use a thick foundation brush, but I have heard experts agree that you should always use a disposable makeup sponge for applying powdered foundation. One of the really cool things about this foundation, is that if you want a more "dense" cover, you can mix a little of it with your regular face lotion, that is something I had never heard of , but I think the coverage is great, and it's very dewy and natural, plenty of coverage. I am so thrilled. I also purchased a little stack of glitter (a 4 stack) called gold digger, and I am just loving that. I have some liquid that causes the glitter to stick on the eyeshadow stick, and then to your eyelids, or else you would just have a really glittery face, (Nothing wrong with that) I also dip my lip gloss wand into one of the colors of gold when I feel like it and get a shiny gloss on my lip. You can also put it on your shoulders, decollatage, whatever. The only other two things I got from Bella Terra were some Mascara (store mascara NEVER seems to work right, even when it's brand new, I love this stuff) and also a smudge proof eye pencil. It sharpens with a regular eye pencil sharpener. I am so so happy with my purchases. I will definitely be keeping an eye on Amazon to see what else they have from Bella Terra.

Bella Terra Before and After Pictures


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    • helenstuart profile imageAUTHOR

      Helen Stuart 

      15 months ago from Deep in the Heart of Texas

      Catherine, I am so sorry it took me so long to know how to "reply" and "approve" your statements. I love talking make-up, and I did reply anyway, but I would never have you think I was ignoring you. I think this may be a new feature??? I haven't even figured out how to make a cent through the hubpages liscences which often keeps me off the site, which I learn so much from and enjoy reading and writing for. I need a tutor! My favorite present is one of those department store gift boxes of make up with some of everything in it. I used to feel sorry for men because they couldn't use make up but I've learned that many do now. More power to them.

    • helenstuart profile imageAUTHOR

      Helen Stuart 

      15 months ago from Deep in the Heart of Texas

      I agree with that statement too, now Catherine, and I think it is well worth looking for sales online for department store brands so I can do that very thing with the most natural coverage. Like the Arden deals and bags of samples that are offered so frequently when you become a (free) member. It makes the price difference almost a non issue when you think o of how much you can save, all the amazing samples you can try. Collagen from the sea is supposed to work wonders. I will have to look for a sale! (also to take internally, read directions first)

    • CatherineGiordano profile image

      Catherine Giordano 

      15 months ago from Orlando Florida

      I have used mineral foundations and agree that they work really well. Since I am now in my golden years, I feel I need a heavier foundation. But the mineral based foundation is good to apply over the other foundation to get a "glow." .


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