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My Experience With Bellami Hair

Updated on September 29, 2014

Types of Hair Extensions

There are various types of extensions, but here are the ones that seem to be the most popular based on what I found online.

  • Clip Ins

  • Beaded (bonds)

  • Weave

  • Tape

  • Halo

Long Hair! Gimme!!

First let me start off by saying I am no hair expert and these are the only types of extensions I've ever hard.

Ok, So, Hair. I use to have long pocahontas type hair, you know, the down-to-the-butt kind that everyone envys, but then I decided it was time for a change and chopped it all off!! And then the bleaching started.. Ombre is really in and now it's the Bayalage style. I have dark brown, nearly black, hair and I wanted a cute caramel ombre. Of course this required bleaching.. Since then I've had the worst time trying to get my hair longer than boob length.

Any of you who have done this style know this.. It's the worst!

In my quest to find a remedy I decided to try out extensions. As someone who was pretty new to the fashion and beauty community (I had dyed my hair a total of 3 times and only recently started to wax my eyebrows! ew.. i know) I was totally lost. The only thing I knew about extensions was that they were expensive. So I started to research extensions to find the best quality for the best price.

The Holy Grail of Extension Videos!

Choices, Choices?

Ok, so this video is seriously what convinced me. I'm not a high maintenance girl so I didn't want a high maintenance product. With so many different types of extensions out there I had a gazillion choice, but lip ins seemed to be the best option for what I was looking for.

After asking the good old facebook world what it thought about extensions, this is what one of my very good friend commented on my link (shout out to you, Nicole!).

So, I was convinced. I'd already heard amazing things about Bellami from my best friend and my hairdresser. I'd made up my mind! Bellami it was!

My Ombre BEFORE extensions
My Ombre BEFORE extensions

Order, Wait, Clip.

As I said before I have an Ombre. I'm hispanic so I have that blackish brown hair and the tips were pretty light. I went onto the site and I was so worried that I wouldn't order the right color! (they now have Bayalage extensions!! woohoo!!!). They offer all types of colors from jet black to Bright Red. Through my research I had heard some great things about Bellami's Customer Service. All you have to do is email them a picture of your hair and they will custom pick the color that's right for you!

I learned that you shouldn't bleach your hair extensions, but dying them darker is fine. After emailing their CS a pic of my hair they recommended I go with the Chestnut Color.

So I went ahead and placed the order!!!

I ordered the Bellissima- 22 inch 220 grams - in Chestnut.

I was DYING. I had to have them. They got to my house within 5 days!!! I was so happy. The CustomerService really is amazing and very prompt with their responses.

I clipped them in right away and they were sooo silky and sooo smooth!! they matched my hair color as if they were made for me. I was so ecstatic.

My First Impression:

  • So thick!! I loved that. they were thick from top to bottom. I'd read fall out occurs with every and any type of extensions so I feel like that was a great sign that these were going to last.
  • Looooooong. 22 inches.. I got my down-to-the-butt hair back!
  • Felt Real: Bellami uses good quality and real remy human hair. It was actually softer and felt more like hair than my hair did... uuhh. haha.
  • Matched to a T: I think that's how the saying goes? you could not tell the difference between my hair and the extensions.. to this day I pull the extensions thinking they're my own hair.
  • Big Clips. The clips were big. In a good way. They weren't bulky, but they clipped in really nicely and weren't easy to pull out.

Needless to say I couldn't wait to try these babies out.

Literally 10 minutes after I got them in the mail

My 5 Month Review

I did end up making a few changes to the extensions to make them blend better with my own hair. Expect to do this no matter what types of extensions you get!

I had my hair dresser dye the top of the extensions to match my dark hair. If you're going to buy extensions and you have to dye them, I recommend you NOT bleach them. I've read some horror stories... I also had my hair dresser cut them because the ends were too blunt and thick for me. I like the thicker at the top-thinner at the bottom look.

I'm not sure if you're aware, but 220 grams is a lot hair and I already have thicker hair as is, so after a couple of times I started wearing only 4 of the wefts (comes with 10) and that was enough!

So, those were pretty much all the tweaks I had to make!

I've had them for 5 months now and I wear them pretty regularly. Yes, there's been fall out, just like your own human head, so they've thinned out, but they still look as thick as my own hair. As I said before.. I'm not high maintenance. I don't like things that take a lot of work, so i've washed them 3 times (twice at the hair dressers and once at home). I've put oils in them to keep htem from drying out a few times because extensions don't get the oils your natural hair gets from your scalp. I use hot tools EVERY time I wear them and I always make sure to use heat protectant (I use Chi Iron Guard).

The only cons I can really think of with these extensions is that they started to hurt my head after 10 hours of wear.. but that's pretty normal when you have heavy hair clinging onto your scalp! haha. They're a bit on the pricier side, but I think they're an AMAZING deal for the quality and quantity of hair you're getting (the ones I got retail for 209.99).

I absolutely LOVED these extensions and I will definitely get them again once these decide it's time to retire, but for now I'll continue to flaunt these like a super model.

If you're trying clip ins for the first time or even if you're looking around for new extensions.. get the Bellamis!! anyone you meet will have nothing but good things to say about them.

Thank you, Bellami, for helping us girls get our Mermaid back!

Photo Credit: Jessica White Photography
Photo Credit: Jessica White Photography
Photo Credit: Aubrey Jones Photography
Photo Credit: Aubrey Jones Photography


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