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Bellydance Dressing

Updated on December 11, 2012

Bellydance is a beautiful ancient perfomance art which has evolved to what it is known today. Bellydancing is often characterized by lovely and colorful costumes and accessories. A proper bellydance costume is important to enable the performer to move with ease and showcase the intricate shimmies without having to think about the dress bursting.

Bellydance outfits come in varying colors and styles. The choice would depend on several factors as the theme, type of bellydance, the wearer, budget and the occasion. Customing is very important as it puts together the totality of the bellydance experience. Where a hipbelt or coin may do for rehearsals, nothing beats embodying the whole belly dance experience than being in full costume.


The dress must be appropriate to the age of the wearer. Although any woman (or even man) can belly dance at any age, some revealing outfits may not be good for mature dancers for aethetic reasons. There are costumes that highlight and flatter a woman's natural form and it is recommended that older dancers perform with this in mind. In short, pick a dress that will compliment the wearer not only in terms of the cut but also bearing in mind the appropriateness to a woman at a particular stage.


Different colors compliment different wearer so it is best to stick with colors that do not clash but highlight the dancer's natural skin hue. In belly dance, costumes come in vivd and colorful hues but care should be made in choosing different colors for a single outfit. Some colors work well together while others do not. It is best to consult the color wheel to address this.

Bellydance Accessories

Adding beautiful accents and accessories will not only make a belly dance dress stand out. A simple bellydance costume can be updated with a classic hip belt, a unique head dress, head band, arm and leg bands, veils and jewelry. Other accessories that may be worn while performing include Isis wings, fan, long swords, and even sheer cover up to increase drama. A dancer may also choose to wear sandals or a special footwear whenever dancing in an outdoor stage to minimize the possibility of injuring the feet.

Some of the most beautiful bellydance costumes are made from exquisite cloth materials and adorned with beautiful accents. One may be able to get great finds through Ebay and Amazon.


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    • gmmurgirl profile image

      Gei Moore 5 years ago from Philippines

      Hi there Susan! Thank you for reading this hub on bellydance dressing.

    • Vacation Trip profile image

      Susan 5 years ago from India

      Precised and informative hub. Enjoyed reading :)