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Benefit Lip And Cheek Stain (Mango) Review

Updated on August 24, 2015

Sharing New Products

Hey, everybody! Last birthday sample, I will be reviewing, I promise! No my fingers aren't crossed behind my back. I’m just trying some of these products or maybe just the color, for the first time and am so excited to share them all. It's like sharing my birthday with everyone or atleast the ones that loveeeee beauty products. If anyone has any questions, please just ask. I'll be happy to answer them, about todays product.


Color Swatch

About The Product

Yes, this is a sample size but, on the bottle there is no specific size. Sorry, or you know I would share the size. But, anyway it’s a nice size as you can see in the picture, it's not the size of a pea. It’ll last me a few uses so, thats really nice and for free. This is a Benefit product, and I do find the brand exciting from the products, just to the design of the whole cosmetic line. I have the Mango color here today and when I here Mango, I think of the color orange/yellow color. The thought of that on my lips and cheeks, isn’t to attractive sounding. Just so everyone knows, I have tried other brands of stains not Benefit. This label says it is a lip and check stain. Here the old saying, one bird two stones? Well, basically it’s one product with two uses. Who hates that? No one!!

My Review

Opening the satin I found, there was as nail polish like brush inside. I was kinda surprised at this, wasn’t expecting that. I’m not painting my nails? Honestly, I have never been a huge fan of the roll on stains or brush stains. I have found most stains to be sticky like, super thick lip stick. I have even used some stains that streak, and look like I took paint and mixed it with water then, went to town on my face. But, I wanted to try this and crossed my fingers that I didn't come out looking like a panting or a clown. I wanted to give this product a far chance! I applied my foundation just like normal, trust me that review is coming soon. Once, the foundation was applied, with a nervous face I opened the stain. I applied a small thin line right a above both cheek bones and then, quickly used my finger to rub the line in small circles up and down, right above my cheek bones. I couldn’t really tell a difference so, I added a little more to each line and rubbed it in the same way. This, dried as soon as I finished rubbing it in and Wow! To my surprise, I did not hate it. Actually, the complete opposite it looked, really natural and almost air brush like. No, sickness or streaks in it. There was no clown in the mirror! It looked very even and completely not orange or yellow. It came out, looking like a light flush pink color. Like, I had been in the sun just enough to get some color in my cheeks. Major Score! Please, do make sure you rub this in immediately after applying, I wouldn't waste time. It started drying as soon as, I applied it on my face, so wait to long and you’ll have lines on your face. But, hey maybe you'll start a new trend. HAHA! After, being so happy about my cheeks, I decided to try it on my lips. I applied it with, that crazy nail brush but, this time I wasn’t wowed. I needed no second coat, the shine was way to much here. It had so much shine to it, my lips looked plastic covered with orange paint. The color looked completely different and way more orangey. I was shocked! Yeah, the lip is a fail for me and something I would never reuse. Pretty cheeks and crazy looking lips, yeah not to hot. Maybe just one bird and one stone, here in this product, that’s all you will find. But, this product is not a real miss for me. I still can't take away how my cheeks looked, I really did like how it made them look airbrushed and the color was so natural. So, would I buy this again? Well, the Benefit website says the full size version of Mango, is $30 plus tax. That’s not cheap considering the lip part of the product is a miss. I was happy with the cheeks but, I have much cheaper blush that looks just as nice and natural. If the price was a little lower, I would buy, it in the future. But, final verdict, I wouldn’t buy this color for $30, I’m sorry, just can’t buy it for that price, when half of it’s job, just doesn't do anything for me.

Here Is The Brush

Comments And Questions

I love trying new products and even telling about old favorites. If you have questions about todays product or even want a review about a different product, please feel free to ask! ~LillyRose


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